Britain: The Houthis were less able to spread chaos until they were trained by elements of the Lebanese Hizbullah

Britain: The Houthis were less able to spread chaos until they were trained by elements of the Lebanese Hizbullah

The United Kingdom Ambassador to Yemen, Michael Aaron, said Britain supports the Yemeni solution and the end of the war by implementing the agreements contained in Security Council resolution 2216 to establish stability and peace in Yemen.

He spoke in an interview published by al-Riyadh newspaper about the role of Hezbollah and Iran in strengthening the al-Houthi armed group, Britain's vision of Yemeni unity and Iran's destabilizing role in the region.

"Britain's decision to classify the Lebanese Hezbollah as a terrorist organization cannot role out the support and arming of Hezbollah for the primitive Houthi militia, which has turned into its current dangerous form by Hezbollah training and Iran support," Michael said.

Asked about whether there were signs of a full commitment from the Houthis to Hodeidah agreement, and what the Quartet's position in the case of the Houthis said  "We are now optimistic about our ability to compel the Houthi to implement the agreement, Saudi Arabia has the right to be uncertain about the promises of the Houthis, but our Saudi partners must know that our goals for Yemen are not far from their goals, and our priorities are close to them, yes we are pushing for a peaceful and political solution but we are not complacent while ensuring the security and stability of the region and clearing it of any Iranian influence that may reach Houthi or others. "We will continue to push to compel the Houthis to abide by all that we have agreed on in Hodeidah and expect this to happen in the coming weeks."

"We are aware of everything that is happening, and we are monitoring Houthis and will only accept their commitment to the Hodeidah agreement. There will be a serious international movement and response if the Houthi militias violate the agreement, and we are now closely monitoring the actions of the militia and leaving them no room for circumvention, we are clear in our proposals and seek to achieve them.  "

He said the Houthis were a group that was less capable of spreading chaos and terror until its operatives received training by elements of the Lebanese Hezbollah and supported by Iran.

Michael said he sees the future of Yemen as a united, for a very simple and practical reason that other than this solution means larger conflicts he sees in each session and a meeting with different southern groups.

"We never see any unified and systematic stand-off with secession, which the southerners gather in the way they try to portray, so we will continue to support the Saudi vision, because it is the right choice as long as the goal is a stable and secure region that avoids another war after the current bitter war."


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