Governor of Hodeidah considers the talk about the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement is a "joke "

Governor of Hodeidah considers the talk about the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement is a  "joke "

The governor of Hodeidah al-Hasan Taher said the talk about the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement in the manner currently being carried out with the Houthi militias is simply "a joke”

The agreement has made no progress and the situation in Hodeidah (western Yemen) has been more complicated than it was before the agreement reached more than three months ago in Sweden between the Yemeni government and the Houthi rebels, Governor Taher said.

Al-Masdar online has monitored a statement by the governor of Hodeidah published by the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), in which he said that the agreement did not achieve the slightest progress and the Houthi militia failed to implement the first step of the first phase, which is to withdraw from the ports of Ras Issa and al-Saleef.

He explained that the indicators do not show any progress and the fact that "the situation has worsened and complicated from what it was, unfortunately."

He stressed that al-Hodeidah and its ports are Yemeni land that will be managed only by the legitimate Yemeni government and will not accept sovereignty over all its lands, institutions and ports in accordance with the Yemeni constitution and international laws.

He accused the Houthi coup of breaching the truce which came into force in Hodeidah province on December 18, according to the Stockholm Agreement.

He said violations of the truce were not confined to attacking the positions of the Yemeni army with heavy weapons, rockets and Iranian aircraft, but also directly and indiscriminately on civilians.

Dozens of civilians, including women and children, were killed and wounded by the al-Houthi militia's daily shelling of missiles and rockets at residential neighborhoods, markets and citizens ' homes in Hodeidah and its countryside, the governor said.

He said that civilians in the Houthi-controlled areas were not better off as they were subjected to pressure, threats, abductions, enforced disappearances, torture and taken by militias as human shields to hinder the progress of the national army.

He added that the Houthi militias took advantage of the agreement and truce to fortify their positions and strengthen their defenses by digging trenches, planting mines and carrying out their crimes against the citizens, stressing that the United Nations was fully aware of these violations but did not move.

He criticized the position of the United Nations and its Special envoy to Yemen, its silence on the Houthis ' violations, the submission of "false" reports about the situation, and the failure of the Houthi militias to be clearly responsible for breaches and procrastination in the implementation of the agreement.

He stressed that the government has disbursed the salaries of Hodeidah employees as part of its responsibility towards its citizens to alleviate their suffering caused by the Houthi militias that kill them.


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