The internet is back to Hodeidah after about 5 months of total interruption

The internet is back to Hodeidah after about 5 months of total interruption

Local residents in Hodeidah, western Yemen, said the Internet service returned Sunday to work nearly five months after it had completely disrupted the city, which is the epicenter of a dispute between the government and the al-Houthi group.

According to the residents in identical statements to "Al-Masdar online", the service returned in part to some neighborhoods and started work in other neighborhoods, after the service servers were operated by the engineering teams affiliated to Houthis.

One resident said that the terrestrial Internet was back to work, while mobile internet "3g service" still out of service to the moment.

Since their takeover of the capital Sana'a in September, the Houthis have been dominated the "Yemen Net", the exclusive provider of Internet service in the country, and the "Yemen Mobile" foundation, the exclusive owner of the 3g Internet Communications Service.

In early November, the Houthis completely severed the internet as the conflict escalated in the city, before the United Nations intervened to stop the progress of government troops toward the city.

The city of Hodeidah, located on the Red Sea coast, is under the control of the Houthis, and government forces have imposed a blockade on them from the southern and eastern sides since last October.

Since early December, fighting between the Houthis and government forces has stopped in response to United Nations calls for peace, and a ceasefire agreement has entered the middle of the month, but commitment to it remains fragile.


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