In a letter to the UN Secretary General.. Yemen rejects violations of the UN envoy and his staff

In a letter to the UN Secretary General.. Yemen rejects violations of the UN envoy and his staff

The Yemeni government has voiced its rejection of violations by UN envoy Martin Griffiths and United Nations staff in Yemen, and the practice of acts that fall under the authority of the legitimate government.

In a letter addressed to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, Foreign Minister Khalid al-Yamani said that the Yemeni government will not allow the UN employees in Yemen to continue to carry out actions that fall within the purview of the Government, which are committed unilaterally and without the understanding, coordination and approval of the Yemeni government, These are unacceptable attempts by the Government of the Republic of Yemen.

According to the commentary, the rejection comes against the backdrop of a meeting held last Saturday (March 16th) in Sana'a, which brought the Houthi putschists together with a group of UN officials representing the United Nations verification and inspection Mechanism, its general coordinator and the Director of the Office of the UN special envoy, For the purpose of examining the procedures for the commencement of the United Nations Verification and inspection mechanism in the ports of Hodeidah, which remains under the control of the Houthi rebels, and referring to the second paragraph, on strengthening the mechanism, from the agreement of Hodeidah, Port Hodeidah and Ras Issa, of the Stockholm Agreement, S/2018/1134.

"These practices are irresponsible," the Yemeni government said.

In a more forthright message, the Foreign Minister stressed that "the Hodeidah agreement, and the Stockholm Agreement as a whole, have stalled any progress in its implementation, for the well-known reasons of the Houthi rebels refusing to accept the withdrawal and redeployment provided in the agreement."

The foreign Minister called for clarifications and written explanations from Mr. Martin Griffiths, the UN special envoy to Yemen, and assurances that they would never be repeated, as they went beyond his authorities, and said that United Nations staff in Sana'a could do such work only under the direct guidance of Griffiths.

According to the letter addressed to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Government asserts that, if the UN staff members continue to violate their mandate and depart from their basic duties, they will take all necessary legal measures to ensure that their sovereignty and independence are enforced, that their constitutional duties are enforced and that their authority is imposed. To the entire territory of the Republic of Yemen and not to allow or derogate from the violation of its rights. "


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