Taiz.. Security campaign stops firing after it progresses in areas where militants are stationed and waiting for wanted extradition

Taiz.. Security campaign stops firing after it progresses in areas where militants are stationed and waiting for wanted extradition Fire devours fuel tanks at al-Muzaffar Hospital in the old city -Taiz

A security source in the southwestern city of Taiz said on Saturday that the security forces advanced in the old city were the stronghold of the stationing of outlaws in the so-called "Abu al-Abbas brigades" and took control of large parts of the city and Ring street, amid ongoing battles between the two sides.

The source in the security Department of the "Al-Msadar online", preferring not to be identified as being not authorized to talk to the media, said that fierce battles during the last two days between the parties with heavy weapons and used mortars and heat rockets.

He said "Abu Abbas" gunmen are stationed in the homes of civilians and that five civilians were killed and wounded by their snipers, while some civilians are besieged to accuse the security forces of targeting civilians.

He added  that artillery shelling and thermal rockets used by the battalions caused fires in several locations in the city, including the burning of fuel depots for generators at al-Mudhafar Hospital, which led to the burning of some patients, including children.

He noted that the fighting caused a number of civilian deaths and injuries, but no exact toll was immediately available, as well as the displacement of residents from their homes in the old city where elements of the "Abu Al-Abbas brigades”  were holed up.

"Until midnight last night, seven soldiers of the security campaign were martyred, and scores were injured, and the toll has certainly risen in the past hours due to the ferocity of the fighting, as well as dozens of dead from the brigades," he said.

The source stressed that the security campaign is continuing in its mission, which is to impose its presence throughout the city and arrest the wanted security, likely the security campaign will complete its tasks in the upcoming hours under the refusal of the brigades to extradite the wanted.

He said the brigades wanted to turn the confrontations into a conflict between groups, while stressing that the fighting erupted after the faction elements engaged the security campaign forces last Thursday.

In the context, a press release issued by the Media Center during these moments (3 p.m.) confirmed the withdrawal of the security campaign “from the sites that cleared it in exchange for the execution of the three demands of the Governor Nabil shaman ".

According to the communication, "the campaign withdrew from those sites in compliance with the ceasefire in implementation of the governor's directives, and waiting for the implementation of the three demands in the governor's directives, including the extradition of the wanted elements."

He added that the campaign halted the firing on the instructions of the Governor, who set up a committee to oversee the receipt of the wanted and the implementation of the three demands set by the Security Committee, headed by the governor, to hand over the wanted element, departure  the militants from the city and remove the new erected checkpoints.

"The outlaw elements continued to target security campaign vehicles and civilians, despite the campaign's commitment to a ceasefire, which caused civilian casualties," he said.

On the one hand, a statement issued by the "Abu Abbas Brigades" said that the soldiers of the security campaign launched an attack on the Al-Maghara neighborhood and killed one of their elements, and raided a house of a relative of major Mohamed Najib Rushdie chief of Operations and the House of his grandfather, while talking about calm.

"We in the Abu Abbas brigades have no formal or local acceptance, even though we are among the first to fight for the city of Taiz and along with the various factions, and even though our members and elements belong to Taiz, they are an integral part of their social and civic component," the statement added.

The battalion's Chief of operations, Mohamed Najib, had broadcast a number of video recordings on his Facebook page, threatening to burn the city of Taiz, while a number of battalion elements were bringing in a number of thermal rockets.


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