Drone shells a Salafist resistance camp in Al-Baydha and kills seven recruits

Drone shells a Salafist resistance camp in Al-Baydha and kills seven recruits

An unmanned aerial plane on Monday launched several raids on a legitimate government camp in Al-Baydha, killing seven of its members.

A local source told "Al-Masdar online" that a drone strike at 2 a.m. on Monday at the al-Hazmeiah Salafist camp belonging to the legitimate government in the Al-Sawm’ah district, targeting a checkpoint near the camp and killed seven militants.

According to the source, the aircraft again bombed the same camp on Monday noon with three rockets, but no casualties were reported in the latest shelling, as the camp emptied quickly after the first strike.

The source did not specify whether the planes bombed is American or not , but noted that the camp last week was involved in preventing the formation of pro-UAE forces under the name of "al-Baydany Elite", which the UAE sought to establish in the region, led by supporters of former president Saleh and who participated earlier in fighting alongside the Houthis.

The Hazmeiah camp is one of the tribal fighters and other followers of the pro-Saudi Salafist movement, actively engaged in the face of the Houthis, and two days ago they blocked a  violent Houthi attack on the area.

The source confirmed to "Al-Masdar online " that the recruits in the Hazmeiah camp were absorbed within the army of the legitimate government, following Al-Baydha military axis, and linked to the presidency of the staff.

The camp also received support from the Coalition Forces Command in Marib, and his commander and founder Saleh al-Mashdaly who died in an  explosion of a Houthi mine when he returned to his village about two years ago.


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