Fierce battles between the Houthis and government forces in Al-Oud east Ibb city

Fierce battles between the Houthis and government forces in Al-Oud east Ibb city

The fighting between government forces and the Houthis in al-Oud, in Al-Nadera district, east of Ibb Province (central Yemen), has been renewed following attacks by the latter on the mountains of Setr , Al-Meshraq and Manjadah , which overlooks the highway, which links Damt  to Al-Nadera.

A field source told Al-Masdar online that tribal militants from Al-Oud region were backed by government troops, who foiled the Houthis ' attacks to control the mountainous highlands, resulting in scores of Houthis killed and wounded.

Two government soldiers from the 30th Armoured Brigade, the Fourth brigade, were killed in the fighting, he said.

Local efforts by tribal leaders from Al-Oud region, the governor of Ibb appointed by the Houthis and the Houthi leader Abdul Hafez al-Saqqaf are trying to contain the confrontations, despite the opponents ' doubts  of those efforts.

On one hand, Arab coalition fighters led by Saudi Arabia launched raids targeting Houthis gatherings in Adnat Al-Shami region.

On the western axis of the Damt, fierce clashes erupted between government forces and the Houthis, after the Houthis launched a violent attack on the strategic Jabal al-Madhrah.

On a related issue, the Commander of the 5th Brigade, Brigadier Abdou Ahmed al-Halimi, chief of Staff of the 5th Brigade of the Special Forces, chairman of the Military Council of the province of Ibb Col. Abdou al-Bahsh, and chief of Staff of the Second battalion in Special forces, Lt. Gen. Yahya Fadel, inspected the outposts of the front of Al-Masna’ah mountains  overlooking Al-Naderah city.

Al-Oud region witnessing fighting for days, causing hundreds of families in the region to flee to uncharted areas.


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