Fahad Al-Az’azi was awarded a PhD in computing by China and his country gave him a stray bullet

Fahad Al-Az’azi was awarded a PhD in computing by China and his country gave him a stray bullet

After a long journey of perseverance and educational achievement for more than three decades, Fahd al-'zaizi obtained his Ph.D. from China in computer science, and when he returned to his country, a stray bullet was waiting him on the street corner.

Beginning of this week, specifically on Saturday 23 March, Dr. Fahad Al- Az’azi was travelling inside Sana'a city on a bus with his friend, Mustashar al-Ariki, who is also a teacher at Jamal Abdulnasser High School, before the bus trip was over, tampering and chaos were preparing to end their journey together.

Witnesses told "Al-Masdar online " that a stray bullet fired from a rifle that was in the hands of a young man on the sidewalk opposite the street in the neighbourhood of Safia in the centre of Sana'a, hit Dr. Fahad Al- Az’azi and his friend al-Ariki, killed the first immediately and inflicted a fatal injury to his friend after three days of lie down In the ICU room.

Dr. Al- Az’azi and his companion were heading towards Tahrir in the heart of Sana'a, but one bullet could have transported them to the other world, leaving behind two bereaved families.

According to a story circulated by residents of the neighbourhood, the young man was messing with the rifle on the corner of the street. the young man (Al-Khawlani) surrendered himself after the incident to the security authorities in Sana'a.

Was Dr. Fahad Al-'zaizi, who was not long on his return from China, thinking that a bullet was waiting for him to finish his ambition and end his life journey.

Computer students in the halls of Hodeidah University will not wait for his return from Sanaa again, and while the activists on social media questioned the possibility that the incident was intentional, the closest story says that the incident is the result of chaos deepened by the war and doubled the spread of weapons and expansion of the culture of murder.


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