9 billion riyals behind the blocking of the Sana'a Road Fund and Ceasing the authority of the Minister of Works in Houthis government

9 billion riyals behind the blocking of the Sana'a Road Fund and Ceasing the authority of the Minister of Works in Houthis government

The Supreme Political Council, the highest authority of the putschists, has set up a committee to uncover the fate of 9 billion riyals in the road Maintenance Fund of the Ministry of Public Works and roads, according to a  reliable source at the Central Monitoring and accounting agency in the Sanaa government.

According to the source, the Committee, which is tasked by the central monitoring authority, has begun its work, and investigations have revealed the fate of 5 billion riyals, while the fate of 4 billion riyals remains unknown in the custody of the roads and Bridges Foundation, which is still bound before the committee tasked with proving the reasons for disbursement under the terms and legal proceedings.

According to the source, the head of the so-called "political council" has directed to stop the activity of the Road Fund and prevent the minister from any activity until the Committee completes its procedures and the results of its report to the competent authorities, while the minister Motlaq  was  forced to report for duty in the building of roads institution for a week on the background Stop the Fund and form an accounting committee and disclose the fate of 9 billion riyals.

On a related context, a knowledgeable source has confirmed that the al-Houthi leadership has tightened its control over the road Fund's allocations and budget by directing the disbursement of millions from the Fund's account in favor of fronts and rewards for Houthis supervisors.

The group's leadership imposes on the Road fund the financing of mostly fictitious projects in the name of Sa'ada Governorate, while the funds are in favor of the group's movements, benefiting a number of supervisors and millions of riyals.

The al-Houthi group was able to withdraw nearly two billion riyals from the roads fund account to finance the celebrations, print posters, logos and finance their events, the source said.

The group has been keen to appoint finance and accounts managers in various institutions and vested interests from the loyal elements of the group so that they can dispose the allocations and resources without leaking any information about the extent of the tampering, especially since all revenues are earmarked for the financing of the war and for the manufacture of what has become known The parallel economy of the group, while government officials in the areas of the coup d'état control for  months without receiving their salaries.


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