Thousands participate in a rally called for by the Islah party in Taiz demanded the liberation of the city completely

Thousands participate in a rally called for by the Islah party in Taiz demanded the liberation of the city completely

Yemen's southwest city of Taiz on Saturday witnessed a massive rally in which thousands took part, celebrating the fourth anniversary of the start of the resistance against the Houthi militia to invade the city in conjunction with the military intervention of the Arab coalition in Yemen under the name of " firmness Storm".

During the protest, which was called by the Islah party in the province, the demonstrators lifted images of leaders of Arab coalition countries led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, banners thanking the military intervention to save Yemen, and others supporting the local authority led by Governor Nabil Shaman, demanding an end to security imbalances, and completing the liberation of the city, which the Houthi militias continue to stand on their periphery and sieged them from more than one side.

A statement issued by the demonstration—Al-Masdar online received a copy--that the two events (the anniversary of the storm of firmness and resistance of Taiz)  "Declare the fusion of Arab blood, and affirm the steadfastness of Taiz and its association with the Battle of the homeland and the Battle of destiny with our brothers in the Arab coalition countries to confront a sectarian project. The greedy Persian to dominate the Arab region, driven by historical hatreds and black myths, confiscate human liberties and dignity, and distort the purposes of Islam in justice, freedom, equality and fraternity.

"The Yemeni rally for reform “Islah” is renewing support for the Arab Coalition in the fourth anniversary of the Saudi Arabian-led storm of firmness and the fourth anniversary of the start of the resistance against the coup d'état," he said, stressing the continuation of the Battle of national liberation that makes Yemen in one trench with our brothers in the countries Arab coalition  ".

The Islah party was the subject of an intensive media campaign by media professionals and activists in Yemeni parties and others working for the UAE, which controls southern Yemen, following violent confrontations between a security campaign led by the governor and a number of security and military units, accusing him of setting up armed militias to control Taiz, as he participated in the campaign, and remarkably, the Saudi media, which began an attempt to strike the status and popularity of the Islah party in Taiz, which is one of its most important strongholds.

The statement highly prised the efforts and role of the Arab coalition countries in supporting and assisting our people in their fateful battle against the Houthi priesthood and for the restoration of the state." "on one of the goals and the destiny with our brothers, the Arab coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the great role of the United Arab Emirates,the storm of firmness is an historic Arab decision that came to thwart the Persian project, sectarian ambitions and the restoration of legality," the statement said.

"We are keen to strengthen the Arab coalition front, to be cohesive with its parties in the national interest, and to protect the future of the Arab generations," the statement said. We will not look at any discordant sounds or attempt any agenda to weaken the front of the Arab coalition for the restoration of legality, which we are counting on in the battle of Liberation, which is a historic Arab battle for existence and identity with the same purpose and common destiny. "

It stressed the continuation of the goal of overthrowing the coup and the restoration of the state under the leadership of President Hadi, calling  "the legitimate leadership and the coalition countries to the swift resolution and the full and qualitative support of the national army to accomplish the battle to complete the liberation of Taiz as a gateway to the great victory of the federal Yemen".

The statement also called on "all parties to political action, resistance forces and national entities to unity, directing all efforts to complete the liberation, and correcting the compass towards the real enemy that toppled the republic and turned on its institutions.

The statement declared its full support for the local authority led by Nabil Shaman, governor of the province, in the process of completing the liberation and building the state and strengthening security and stability, condemning   “Intentional incitement and mutilation against Taiz through systematic media reports and campaigns", and demands that everyone be credible and take precedence for the best interests of the nation.


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