Government forces capture 55 Houthi fighters in "Abbs+" confrontations over the past two days

Government forces capture 55 Houthi fighters in "Abbs+" confrontations over the past two days

A military source in the 5th military zone said to Al-Masdar online that government forces were able to capture 55 Houthi militants in battles in the Abbs district of Hajjah Province (northwest Yemen) over the past two days.

In the two days, the Beni Hassan area of the Abbs District (a big  district of Hajjah Governorate) witnessed fierce confrontations between government forces and Houthi fighters, which killed and wounded sores on both sides, during which the government forces made significant progress in controlling several villages.

According to the source, surprise attacks by government forces on the sites of Houthi fighters in "Bani Hasan's isolation" since last Wednesday evening have managed to control a number of villages east of the Abbs district, one of the coastal directorates of the Province of Hajjah (northwest Yemen).

According to the source online, 55 Houthi fighters were captured by government forces, most of them young, and the latter was able to seize 15 military vehicles with their equipment.

The isolation of Beni Hassan comprises 20 villages and residential areas and is considered to be one of high population density.

The source said that the government forces continued today to advance them to "Akashia " village  which is 10 km north of the centre of Abs, and to the asphalt line between the centre of the Directorate of Abss and the city  "Shafr " The commercial area of Abbs and between the Directorate of Haradh and Hayran.

During the past two days, the villages that have witnessing confrontations have experienced a major exodus of civilian women and children who have been searching for safe areas.


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