Al-Qaeda explosives expert was arrested east of Abyan

Al-Qaeda explosives expert was arrested east of Abyan

Security forces arrested one of the most prominent al-Qaeda explosives experts in the central region in eastern Abyan province, according to a security source for Al-Masdar online.

According to the source, the rapid intervention forces of the UAE-backed security forces stormed suspected al-Qaeda positions in the rural area of al-Sawad, south of al-Wadhee’a district, the birthplace of President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, and arrested the leader Abdulqader al-Mut, who is accused of standing behind a number of operations Assassinations of local and military commanders in the central region.

The central region, which includes the Directorates  "Lawdar, Moody, and Al-Wadhee’a", remained a major stronghold of al-Qaeda, but the security forces have been carrying out campaigns to pursue extremist in the three directorates, but concerns over the reorganization of its attacks remain.


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