Disagreements threaten the convene the House of Representatives again..

Disagreements threaten the  convene the House of Representatives again..

Parliamentary sources said that until now, there is no consensus between the parliamentary blocs on a consensual presidency of the House of Representatives, which is scheduled to be held this month under the direction of President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi.

Sources told Al-Masdar online that what has been circulating of a consensus among the national powers on a new presidency of the House of Representatives is incorrect and not discussed in any of the preparations for the sessions of Parliament.

Media have reported a consensus on the nomination of a new speaker for parliament in preparation for the Council's stalled meetings in months.

In this context, the southern parliamentary bloc confirmed its commitment to its memorandum and its demands, which were handed over earlier to President Hadi, stressing that any consensus on the Presidency of the Council does not correspond to its demands and does not represent it.

The bloc said in a brief statement--a copy of which was received by Al-Masdar --that it met on Monday to discuss what was rumoured about the list of the new presidency of the House of Representatives.

"The Southern bloc leadership has continued with a number of political party secretaries and informed us that they have not met with His Excellency President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi and have not consulted on these or other names," the statement added.

She explained that the names and the consensus that were being circulated did not concern them and did not represent them.

The dispute over the presidency of the House of Representatives threatens the possibility of holding sessions of the pro-legitimacy House of representatives, which the President convened early this month, under which the Vice-President of the Council called on Members of Parliament to travel to the capital, Riyadh, in preparation for their transfer to a provincial council meeting.

Members of the House of Representatives, earlier, told Al-Masdar online that they had been invited by the Vice-President of the Council to attend the council's scheduled meetings days later, but noted that the venue of the Council was still unknown.

More than once, the pro-government House of Representatives was held, despite the presence of 134 parliamentary deputies late last year, presided over by President Hadi al-Riyadh, and the failure of the members to reach an agreement that the Council would hold its formal meetings, following disagreements over the presidency of the Council, and sources then spoke to "Al-Masdar Online» sayig that the President and the Coalition do not want to convene the pro-legitimacy Council, fearing the creation of alternative legitimacy for the government, which is eroding its authority over the days.

The president has already called for meetings of the House of Representatives in the interim capital of Aden, but his call was met with a strong rejection by the leaders of the Southern Transitional Council loyal to the United Arab Emirates, and a threat to prevent the holding of the council in Aden using military forces and security belt loyal to the council and the UAE  and controls the liberated areas in southern Yemen.

On April 13, Houthi militias called on voters in 34 constituencies to go to election boxes to elect their representatives to fill vacant seats in the House of Representatives, which prompted the legitimacy and coalition to expedite the assembly, despite their reluctance before the Council, despite the full Legal quorum.


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