Al-Baydha resistance urged President and coalition to investigate raids on government troops

Al-Baydha resistance urged President and coalition to investigate raids on government troops

The popular resistance in al-Baydha province called, President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi and the leadership of the Arab coalition, for the establishment of a commission of inquiry into the air raids that targeted the positions of the government forces in Al-Sawma’ah Directorate, which resulted in the death and injury of a number of soldiers and the loss of materiel and weapons.

"Al-Masdar has obtained a copy of its statement-- the resistance said we condemn and deplore the raids on individuals and sites formed from Salafist fighters who have been absorbed into a government force brigade,".

"We call on the President of the Republic, the leadership of the legitimacy and the leadership of the Arab coalition to identify this incident and to clarify who made the strike and prevent its recurrence in the future," said the statement issued by a meeting of resistance leaders, activists and social figures in al-Baydha.

The statement stressed the leadership of the local authority to embrace the demands of resistance and to make a strong protest to the leadership of the Arab coalition "being the dominant entity in the atmosphere", and to demand that the party that carried out the raids "to compensate the victims justly compensation for the damage and apologize for the shelling targeted the legitimacy troops in the province».

On Monday, March 25, the al-Hazmieh military camp of the legitimacy government in al-Sawma’ah district, al-Baydha province, was subjected to repeated raids by warplanes, probably affiliated with the Arab coalition, being in control of the airspace in Yemen for four years.

The raids on the camp headquarters resulted in the destruction of a 23-gauge kit and a 14/7-calibre kit, a munitions depot and a maintenance room, according to the media centre in Bayda.

Another raid targeting one of the national army's advanced points against the Houthi militia resulted in the martyrdom of five national army heroes and the wounding of two others.

The aerial bombardment of the national army camp in Al-Sawma’ah came after violent clashes erupted the previous day between military units of the brigade and a military campaign consisting of 15 military vehicle belonging to the pro-UAE Shabwani elite forces , which reached the Directorate, to recruit Youngs in preparation for To create a "Al-Baydha elite" loyal to the UAE in the province.

The army was able to expel al-Shabwani elite forces, which were presented to the Directorate and tried to establish forces similar to the pro-UAE belts in al-Baydha, led by elements of the former President, and until recently were involved in the fighting alongside the Houthi militias.

The Hazmieh camp was formed two years ago by tribal fighters and other followers of the pro-Saudi Salafist movement, and was actively involved in confronting the Houthis in al-Baydha.

The soldiers of the camp were already accommodated and numbered within the military strength of the legitimate government, followed by the Al-Baydha Army axis and linked to the presidency of the staff. The camp also receives support from the Coalition Forces Command in Marib.

In the past few days, the pro-UAE Shabwani  elite has developed a number of checkpoints and military positions in the directorates of Markha and ' Nisaab ' in Shabwah Governorate, and has also established a camp in the "Bahar" border area with al-Baydha province and deployed a  large force in several areas adjacent to the governorate .


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