Houthis trial for 36 abductees. And a kidnapped: we’ve subjected to torture

Houthis trial for 36 abductees. And a kidnapped: we’ve subjected to torture

A lawyer of the kidnapped in al-Houthi prisons in Sanaa, Abdulmejeed Sabra, said that the al-Houthi group held a hearing on Tuesday for 36 abductees without an advance date.

In his blog post on his Facebook page, Sabra added that the kidnapped complained about the abuse they suffered every time, and that it has increased in the recent period in an insane and excessive manner.

"Once the proceedings started, all they had to do was ask the court for the ill-treatment they were being subjected to," he said.

According to Sabra, the kidnapped Yusuf al-bawwab spoke to the court and the prosecution and stated that the inhuman and degrading treatment to which they were subjected was totally incompatible with their dignity as human beings and with their human nature.

Al-bawwab said they were beaten and chained and placed in the basement, and they took all their own clothes, even underwear, except for the prison suit.

He referred to the Houthis who prevented them from eating that comes through their relatives, and prevented them from even their own medicines and said “Those who asked for treatment respond to them by saying “Die”".

According to counselor, he asked the court to prove their complaint in the minutes of the hearing, but the judge asked to file a complaint with the prosecutor, and that while the detainees did not find an interaction from the court, they spoke to the attendees in the hall, demanding that they be rescued from what they suffered in political security prison.


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