Government source: Houthis prevent Red Sea mills from operating

Government source: Houthis prevent Red Sea mills from operating

The militants of the al-Houthi group prevented the re-operation of Red Sea Mills and detained the chairman of the UN Redeployment committee, south of the city of Hodeidah (western Yemen), a government military source said on Tuesday.

The source told Al-Masdar  online that the Houthis prevented the resumption of work in the main wheat mills after they refused the  reach of 120 employees to the mills, through the city of Hodeidah under their control.

He noted that efforts by the World Food Programme (WFP) had earlier reached an agreement with the Houthis to restart the mills, before the latter had to retreat into the implementation of the agreement and allow staff to access the mills.

The mills are located south of Hodeidah, on the lines of contact between the Houthis and government forces, and are currently controlled by the latter, while the United Nations has been using it since the war began to grind the wheat provided as assistance to the civilians.

The Mills ' warehouses contain 51 000 metric tons of wheat, sufficient to feed 3.7 million people for a period of one month.

In the context, the source said the Houthis had briefly detained the Chairman of the redeployment Commission and the commander of the International Observer Group Michael Lolisgaard, before allowing him access to government control areas in the city of Derihmi, south of Hodeidah city.

This is the second time in less than a week, as the Houthis have already detained Danish general Lolisgaard, who is staying with the international Observer Mission to monitor the ceasefire agreement in the group-controlled city of Hodeidah.

Lolisgaard is forced to move from the city to the outside, where pro-government forces encircle the city of Hodeidah from the south and east, to meet with government representatives at the Redeployment Committee to discuss ways to implement the Sweden agreement in Hodeidah.

The source said that Lolisgaard met with government representatives to discuss the latest details in order to implement the redeployment plan, without elaborating on those details.


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