"Sam" reveals harsh treatment of detainees in Sanaa's political security prison

"Sam" reveals harsh treatment of detainees in Sanaa's political security prison

SAM Organization for Human Rights and Freedoms has published testimonies of a lawyer and a number of relatives of detainees who have detailed the harsh treatment of detainees at Houthis political security prison in Sana'a.

According to a statement published by the Geneva-based organization, on Wednesday, the testimony of a detainee's wife said that her husband had been chained for three days with other detainees because he  asked a jailer to bring a doctor to a detainee who had been in convulsion and fainted inside the cell.

She added that during the visit, the guards entered every minute and pulled some of the detainees out away from their relatives, in addition to preventing food and medicine from them.

The al-Houthi militia is blocking the families of detainees in the political security prison from visiting their relatives since two weeks, Sam said.

The organization considered that detainees had been subjected to a further flagrant violation of the rights of detainees guaranteed under international constitutions and treaties.

The organization explained that it had received information that some detainees had deteriorated as a result of ill-treatment and that there was a lack of health care in prison, especially after prisoners were denied the right to wear their own clothes and regular access to medication, with some suffering from skin-related diseases caused by moisture, overcrowding and the deprivation of sufficient water for drinking and Hygiene.

"Sam" indicated that the ban was not limited to visiting, but to sending clean clothes, medicine and food that the parents were entring to the detainees every week or two weeks.

It confirmed that it had been informed that the Houthi militia's prison administration had deliberately placed many detainees in solitary confinement cells, subjecting them to cruel treatment and severe torture, according to reports received by the organization.

In its statement, it called on the international community and the UN envoy to seek to save the Stockholm Convention, especially on the detainee's part, stressing the need to pressure the Houthi militia to release all detainees without legal authority and to hold accountable those involved in committing horrific violations against them.


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