Darkness sneaks back into Marib city through the holes of corruption and neglect

Darkness sneaks back into Marib city through the holes of corruption and neglect

The city of Marib (central Yemen) has lived in the past two days in long hours of darkness, which has been shrouded in large parts of the city.

Activists on social media complained that the cut-off  had continued in some quarters for more than 20 hours, after the city witnessed a remarkable stabilization in the electricity service during the past period.

In a formal explanation, the director of electricity in the province, Abdulhadi Jaber al-Shabwani, said, "the cut-off of those two days in the centre of the Governorate and the directorates because there is not enough fuel to operate the power plants in the province due to the failure to load sufficient quantities to operate the power plants from Safer refineries due to a technical defect in the refinery resulting in poor production, citing a lack of fuel " Shabwani said.

Journalist Ali Owidhah, a journalist from Marib who is interested in oil issues, questioned the authenticity of the official version and said that "private sources at Safer oil production company" denied having any problem in production, adding that "the usual quantity was produced yesterday."

Owidhah renewed his demand for Marib oil company to publish the diesel loading lists for the past three days so that the citizen knows where these quantities go.

Speaking to Al-Masdar online, Owidhah said the problem lies in the manipulation by oil officials of the amounts allocated to electricity and their disbursement to some sectors and other destinations through which they receive greater gains, not caring for the suffering inflicted on citizens by the interruption of electricity, especially with the entry of the summer season.

Owidhah blamed the local authority and held them the responsibility for its weak control of the oil derivatives sector.


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