Emirati exploitation of humanitarian aid in Yemen. Two images that provoke widespread indignation

Emirati exploitation of humanitarian aid in Yemen. Two images that provoke widespread indignation

The UAE and the Emirati Red Crescent are very interested in exploiting the humanitarian aid they provide in the liberated governorates to win the allegiance of citizens, exploiting the need that has been imposed and protracted, making it an area of investment of the parties that have the power of decision.

Although Emirati assistance is limited to symbolic aspects, it is being manipulated by media in a provocative manner, and this has been done by two images that have been circulating on social media sites for the past two days.

Where Emirati assistance is provided, it covers the UAE's flags and its leaders pictures to the extent of coverage of everything that symbolizes the Yemeni state.

Dozens of public schools were painted by the UAE and a restorative touch was put in the way, which filled its walls with the Emirati flags, images and slogans glorifying its leaders.

Yesterday, activists on the websites circulated a photograph of the opening of the UAE high School in the Governorate of Shabwah called "Emirates High School", which showed nothing indicates  it is in Yemeni province where it was filled with the Emirati flags and raised its flag on the casbah of the Yemeni flag in the middle of the secondary square.

It was difficult for the Yemeni follower to believe that this high school was in a Yemeni city without the presence of officials in the province to open it.

The case aroused great indignation among activists who denounced the government's silence on the UAE's practices aimed at erasing allegiance to the Yemeni homeland.

Political analyst Yasin Al-Tamimi commented on his Facebook page on the image of the Emirati flags at the Shabwah High School by saying: the assistance that involves the intention of abolishing the Yemeni state and the deleting of its symbols, foremost of which is the flag and slogan, it is not needed by Yemeni people, because it is forms of violation of sovereignty.

He added: Those who will meet every morning in the yard of this school without the "Flag " and  "slogan " Linking them to their country and their republic will suffer an identity crisis.

In Socotra Province, activists circulated a photograph of the Emirati delegate there, known as "Khalfan al Mazro’ee ", in which he distributes a small amount of money to the tourist island's children in a humiliating manner by lining them in long queues for each of them to receive 1,000 Yemeni riyals (less than $2).

The picture represented the example of the quest of the UAE to spoil the souls of children and to establish their loyalty to the Emirates after they have come to the formation of an armed militia in the liberated governorates condemning their allegiance away from the Yemeni state.

The distribution of money to Socotra Island children in extended queues was an insult to the islanders and showing them as beggars eager for a handful of riyals. The journalist Ahmed Balhaf, a member of the media committee at the al-Mahhra picket, attacked the UAE which exploited the conditions of Socotra citizens.

In a post on Facebook, Balhaf noted that the UAE has become clear in the game of acquisition of Yemeni Socotra, taking advantage of the situation of needy families.


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