Parliamentary source: The UAE has not allowed to hold a meeting of the House of Representatives in Aden

Parliamentary source: The UAE has not allowed to hold a meeting of the House of Representatives in Aden

A member of the House of Representatives told Al-Masdar online that the House of Representatives meeting will not be held in the interim capital - Aden at all because the UAE did not allow it.

The parliamentarian, who asked not to be named because he was not authorized to speak, pointed out that the arrangements now underway, which are still stalled, are all being searched on the basis of holding the meeting elsewhere and possibly in Hadramawt after Aden has been completely excluded as a place where the council meeting is supposed to be held.

He said efforts failed to persuade Emiratis to allow the meeting of the Council in Aden, and that these efforts faced formal justifications and the response of the UAE to local forces working for them to escalate against the presence of the government if insisting on holding the council meeting in the city of Aden.

The city of Aden (the southern part of the country) is under the control of the UAE and the local forces that created it to be a local agent, and despite the presence of the head of government and a number of ministers, the government movement is very limited, and confined to dealing with service files without approaching the political and security file.

The arrangements for the House of Representatives are still stalled after attempts to reach consensus on a new Council presidency have failed, and the departure of the  head of the parliamentary bloc of the Congress party from Riyadh, after being angered by what he said was "the choice of President Hadi for the presidency without the consent of the heads of the parties ' parliamentary blocs."

More than 100 mempers are staying at the Mövenpick Hotel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for several months, pending the completion of the arrangements for a council session in which a President and a presidency board are elected as a substitute for the previous body headed by Major General Yahya Al-Ra’ee and has participated and continues to be part of the authorities of the putschists In Sana'a.


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