Aden.. The death of lawyer Hoda Sarari's son by armed men bullets

Aden.. The death of lawyer Hoda Sarari's son by armed men bullets

The son of lawyer and human rights activist Huda Sarari died in a hospital in the southern Yemeni city of Aden, who was injured earlier by armed men fire north of the city.

A local source told Al-Masdar online that the incident of the son of human rights activist Huda al-Sarari, who died today, was hit by a bullet from armed confrontations during popular protests in the Sheikh Osman district north of the city of Aden earlier last month.

The source said that al-Sarari's son was near his home in Sheikh Othman district in northern Aden on March 6, while there was an armed confrontations between security forces and local militants took place during a popular protest in the coastal city last month to demand the surrender Accused of the killing of young Ra'fat Danba’a, who had uncovered a child rape in Al Mualla district, west of Aden, about a year ago.

The local source added to the "Al-Masdar online " That Mohsen, 17, was shot in the chest and stayed for nearly a month in a hospital in Aden City before dying early Saturday morning.

Popular protests in Aden, the interim capital of the southern part of the country, to demand the extradition of the accused in the case of " Danba’a " led to clashes between armed demonstrators and police soldiers, killing a soldier of Aden security and injuring civilians in Khormaksar district.


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