Sanaa Court reserves 36 kidnapped cases for sentencing and order imprisonment of defense lawyer because of a pen

Sanaa Court reserves 36 kidnapped cases for sentencing and order imprisonment of defense lawyer because of a pen

According to private sources, the specialized criminal court in Sanaa has reserved the case of 36 kidnapped activists and journalists for sentencing in Saturday's session next week.

The sources added to "Al-Masdar online " that the court judge, reserving the case for the sentencing, after refusing to allow the defense of the abductees, to submit their pleadings to the criminal report and the documents and the reasons presented to the court, allegedly proving the involvement of the detainees in the malicious charges attributed to them by the prosecution.

According to the sources, the specialized Criminal court, in a hearing session on Saturday, imprisoned a lawyer (Hussein al-Hamami) and referred him for investigation and trial, after accusing him of inciting and attempted murder, by providing a pen to a kidnapped, the court claimed that he would be used to kill political security officers, referring to killings in a similar way in the past.

For its part, the SAM Organization for Rights and Freedoms said that it is deeply concerned about the fate of detainees in the Houthi jails who are tried before the illegal state Security Court in the so-called (36 cases, Nasr al-Salami, and others).

The Geneva-based Sam organization asserted that the al-Houthi militia court had flagrantly and deliberately violated all justice proceedings, depriving detainees and their lawyers of their right to defence under domestic and international law, at the Saturday (April 6th) session of the Al-Houthi militia prosecutor's office submitted what it called " The Criminal lab report, "written in five papers, the court committed the defence team to reply within one hour and rejected the lawyers ' request to be given an opportunity to be heard and answered, as well as the prosecutor's response at the same hearing and the case was reserved for sentencing, without regard to the requests of the accused and the defence team, which constitutes an explicit and clear violation of the criminal justice Law and the rules of fair trial, and raises serious concerns over the intent to make harsh judgements against civilian detainees.

"Sam " indicated that the al-Houthi militia court had held its last session in the presence of all the defendants except Dr. Yousef Al-Bawwab (professor of linguistics at the University of Sana'a), who was in the forefront of the court on behalf of the rest of the detainees, and was constantly punished, and his family could not visit him Since last Tuesday's session, his kidnapped colleagues have confirmed that Dr. Al-Bawwab has been invisible since the last session and none of them have seen him since the last session he attended.

Over the past two weeks, the Houthi militia has doubled the torture of the detainees in its jails, barred weekly visits of detainees in the political security prison, and created tragic circumstances in which Sam spoke in detail in a previous statement.

"Sam" feared harsh sentences for the 36 detainees being tried by an unconstitutional court, which had been revoked by a decision of the Supreme Judicial Council, and had deliberately neglected the detainees ' complaints of continued torture in the political security prison and ignored legal defenses Submitted by the defense team, and rejected some of their legal requests, arrested their lawyers to create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation.

It is noteworthy that the same court has already handed down death sentences against the president and several of his aides, in addition to the conduct of looting and confiscation of the property of more than 2,000 citizens who issued lists of their names, seized their property and placed them under judicial custody for confiscation.

Sam called on the international community and the United Nations Secretary-General's Special Envoy to urgently put pressure on the Houthi militia to stop the trial of the detainees and to proceed with their unconditional release.


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