Medical Source: 13 deaths, and 52 infections of cholera in Lahj and no deaths with dengue fever

Medical Source: 13 deaths, and 52 infections of cholera in Lahj and no deaths with dengue fever

Dr. Shallal Hasil , the coordinator of the early Warning Program of the Ministry of Public Health and population in the southern province of Lahij, told Al-Masdar online that 13 people have died of cholera epidemics in the province since they began to spread about a month and a half ago.

The number of confirmed cases of cholera has reached 52 cases in Lahj province, while dengue fever has not yet caused any deaths, he said, with no mention of the number of dengue infections in the neighbouring province of Aden.

However, a medical source at the public Health and Population office in Lahaj told Al-Masdar online that the office will provide a complete final statistic on the number of cases of cholera and dengue epidemics in the province in the coming days.

Dr. Shallal Hasil told "Al-Masdar online" that they are in the early warning program investigate and write down the affected cases directly to the decision-makers at the provincial Health Bureau and the Ministry of Health's office in the interim capital Aden.

He added that they supervise the rapid response team in all directorates of the province, which is also doing its part in the process of handling cases and the work of chlorination of drinking water, in addition to the widespread dissemination of health education and awareness, especially in rural areas.

He said they took samples of the infected cases and sent them to the central laboratory in the city of Aden.

Al-Hadd district in Yafe’a Directorate Centre recorded 7 cases of cholera deaths, two cases of the epidemic died in the Musaimeer district, while three cases of death in Ruba’eyat Radfan,Tebn and Al-Qubaitah one for each district.

Some of 1312 cases infected with acute diarrhoea in the first three months of this year have been indicative of the high incidence of the epidemic, which has recently spread to the province.


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