Seiyun the city that hasn't been tampered with Militia or Political toast

Seiyun  the city that hasn't been tampered with Militia or Political toast

With the selection of Seiyun, the centre of the Hadramawt Valley to embrace the Yemeni parliament, which began on Saturday, raised questions about the political and field situation in the city, especially that the legitimacy was unable to hold meetings in the city of Aden.

The Hadramawt Valley (eastern Yemen) is the privileged geographical area of the liberated areas of the southern and eastern governorates where there are no formations of elite formations or of the security belt of the UAE, where all military and security forces are subject to Yemeni legitimacy.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia retained its presence in the Hadramawt valley, which did not allow the UAE to control and form any forces and militias outside the state as happened on the Hadramawt coast, the Wadi Hadramawt with very wide borders with Saudi Arabia.

Since 2011, and the resulting rapid developments after the February 11 revolution, which toppled the regime of former President Ali Abdallah Saleh, the state has remained in most of its institutions functioning normally in the directorates of the Hadramawt Valley.

With the country entering the war and the Houthi coup in Sana'a and the intervention of the Arab coalition in Yemen, the directorates of the Hadramawt Valley remained far from the control of the Houthi militia, which was halted in Marib and Shabwa governorates bordering the Hadramawt valley.

The State remains

In Wadi Hadramawt and its capital is a particularly Seiyun, the state is located in all its military, security, executive and administrative institutions without much influence on the war in most Yemeni governorates or the chaos of militias and armed formations outside Yemeni law.

The first military zone, whose forces are deployed throughout the districts of Wadi Hadramawt, has remained under the law as well as its effective contribution to the maintenance of public security in the cities of the Hadramawt Valley after the targeting of elements of "al-Qaeda " to a security headquarters.

The allied forces, represented in Saudi Arabia from the first military region, are headquartered in the area, where they have contributed to the recruitment of the special task Force “Al Hadhrami Battalion" within the forces of the First region.

The border crossing with Saudi Arabia continued to operate at a high pace after all other outlets with Saudi Arabia ceased to operate as a result of the Houthi militia's control.

Seiyun international Airport is the other, and it has been functioning normally until the only air artery of the Yemenis has ceased and all the airports have been disrupted by the war.

Thousands of displaced persons from the northern governorates who had been displaced by the war and who had largely merged into the neighbourhoods and communities of Wadi Hadramawt where greeted with no problems despite the systematic incitement of the Southern Transitional Council.

Systematic targeting

Most of the observers in Hadramawt consider that the security imbalances that have been seen in the valley of Hadramawt have been fabricated by several parties seeking to control the region closest to Saudi Arabia and the most oil-producing areas of Yemen.

To date, the leaders of the so-called Southern Transitional Council, which is supported by the UAE, have launched extensive media campaigns against the First Military Zone, most of which belong to the northern governorates, demanding the replacement of the Emirati-backed al-Hadhrami elite forces.

The Southern Transitional Council tried to stir up chaos in the Hadramawt Valley before and during the hosting of the session of the House of Representatives through calls for demonstrations, chaos, banditry and an attempt to break into the governmental complex, but the Al Hadhrami community disappointed them despite the exploitation of the living situation and some security incidents.

The failure of all these attempts is due to a Saudi position rejecting any militia or forces that do not follow the legitimate government because the Hadramawt valley is a sprawling border area with Saudi Arabia.

Security situation

Despite the presence of security incidents in several directorates in Wadi Hadramawt, Seiyun have enjoyed great security stability because the civilian character is predominant on its population.

Several provincial directorates of the Hadramawt Valley are suffering from multiple security incidents, including tribal clashes, drugs and other causes, while some of them are terrorist-motivated incidents, according to security and military agencies.

Local and security officials have attributed security weaknesses in a number of areas to lack of support for security services in terms of infrastructure or irregular payroll.

Questions remain about the beneficiary of the prevention of support for the security apparatus in Wadi Hadramawt compared to the unlimited support of the security apparatus on the Hadramawt coast, which is under the control of the UAE.


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