Head of the government team of redeployment Commission: Who thinks of peace through political ways he did not understand the lesson and the solution is only by military option

Head of the government team of redeployment Commission: Who thinks of peace through political ways he did not understand the lesson and the solution is only by military option

The head of the Government team of the Joint Redeployment Committee in Hodeidah said that there was no solution with the Houthi group, except by military decisiveness, citing the consequences of the delay in the military operation, namely, "the loss of more civilian casualties."

"Since the truce came into effect five days ago, 3204 martyrs, mostly civilian victims, have been killed," said Maj. Gen. Sagheer Ben Aziz. There is no day in Hodeidah and there are victims of continued violations by the Houthis on a daily basis. "

He made the announcement at a plenary session of the House of Representatives held on Monday, at the temporary headquarters of the Parliament in the city of Seiyun in Hadramawt province.

Major General Ben Aziz, a member of the House of Representatives, and head of the government team of the Redeployment Committee, who headed by the Chief UN Observer, General Michael Lolisgard, addressed the "Who thinks and believes we will find a solution with the Houthi militia by political means, he has not yet understood the lesson well."

Bin Aziz stressed that the period when the government forces stopped for peace, exploited by the Houthis and transformed the city of Hodeidah to tunnels, and the construction of the city's infrastructure is threatened with destruction, including what was caused by the tunnels, excavations and fortifications developed by the Houthis in all streets and neighbourhoods in the city.

Bin Aziz referred to al-Hodeidah airport, which is no longer eligible to receive the planes, as a result of excavations and tunnels dug up and developed by the Houthis around it, under it and in various facilities.

Ben Aziz called on Members of Parliament and the Government to seriously address the intransigence of the militias and to persuade the international community not to reach a solution by the agreement of Sweden or elsewhere.

Ben Aziz spoke about the work of UN envoy Martin Griffiths, in contravention of the Hodeidah agreement, and Security Council resolution 2451, adding, "Griffiths wants to meet with the leaders, and to put forward the subject of the redeployment in Hodeidah, which is the withdrawal of government forces and their exit from a large part of the city, in exchange for The Houthis withdrew and replaced them with other Houthi militias through loyal security forces.

Major General Ben Aziz pointed to the facilities provided by government forces to restart the Red Sea Mills, open the way for WFP staff and facilitate their access to mills for operation and distribution of wheat, but the Houthis threatened to target the mills if they were not their supervisors.

The head of the government team of the committee confirmed that the Houthis had prevented 120 staff from reaching the Red Sea mills and returning them to the city.

In early April, AL-Masdar online published  details of the al-Houthi ban crossing of 120 employees of the World Food Organization (FAO) to operate the Red Sea mills and distribute wheat, before the Houthi group prevented them from crossing the city centre towards the al-mills, which is located in the government-controlled areas .

Ben Aziz accused the Houthi group of trying to control the aid and monopolizing it for the benefit of its militants and does not distribute anything to the Yemeni people. Referring to the government team's address to the World Food Organization (FAO) to see why it has not started restarting the mills, "the response from the organization has not came till  the moment."

The House of Representatives continues to hold its meetings, for the third consecutive day in Seiyun, and at its meeting this morning approved a proposal made by MP Ali Ashal that the Council should remain in permanent session.

UN envoy Martin Griffiths is expected to arrive in Seiyun Tuesday and attend the House of Representatives, the President of the Council Sultan Al-Barakani said.

Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Abdulaziz Jubbari reviewed with members the scenes of consultations held between the Houthis and the government in Sweden during the period 6-13 December 2018, pointing to the persistence of militias in their war on the Yemeni people, and rejected and obstructed all efforts to reach Salam ends the four-year-long war.


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