Aden Oil company approves new fuel raise

Aden Oil company approves new fuel raise

Yemen's oil company in Aden, south of the country, approved an increase of 400 riyals for the fuel plate 20 gallon in the latest dose approved by the company months ago in parallel with the onset of a fuel crisis last week.

A worker at a fuel station in eastern Aden, told "Al-Masdar online " that the new price of the litre will be 315 YR while the price of the gallon of 20 liters will be 6300 YR.

The new dose in the price of fuel comes in conjunction with a crisis in the city of Aden and its neighboring cities in the oil while on a related level, protesters working at the Yemeni oil company continue to organize a vigils in front of the governorate building in Al Mualla district to protest the establishment of a fuel tanker supplying in the Aden refineries contrary to the law.


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