The oil company's executive calls on the United Nations to protect the company's employees from Houthis

The oil company's executive calls on the United Nations to protect the company's employees from Houthis

The Executive Office of the General Council of the Yemeni oil company, on Saturday morning, demanded that the United Nations protect the company's employees and trade unionists from Houthis, and pressure the Houthis to lift their hands on the branches and installations of the oil company.

The executive of the trade unions, at their extraordinary meeting held Saturday morning in the city of Ataq, called on the United Nations to stop all illegal sums, fees and royalties, and add to oil derivatives coming from sea or land outlets.

The office asserted that in the event of non-response, the coalition leadership would be required to deliver oil derivatives through the ports (Aden-Mocha-Mukalla-Al-Mahrah Nashtoon), and that any additional illegal amounts taken from tractor derivatives on their routes from ports to the Republic should be prevented.

The Office condemned the fact that the national state companies (Aden refineries and the Safer and Petroamsila refinery) directly sold the oil derivatives to the local market, which is contrary to the law and regulations and falls within the jurisdiction of the oil company, demanding the president, the head of government and the Minister of oil, to stop the direct sale of the market Local and compliance with law and institutional work.

The executive of the unions asked the government to pay off the company's debts to third party (government facilities), which are estimated at billions of riyals, so that the company can continue to perform its role with the suspension of the sale in the future and the company will not be charged any other financial burdens in the next.

He also demanded that a tender be presented to buy the needs of the local market according to the law of tenders and transparent procedures of the oil company, and according to the specifications and standards of quality and standardization of prices to ensure the service reach the citizen and alleviate his suffering.

The office stressed the need to absorb the employees who are displaced and displaced from their jobs and the pursuers and employees paid from the branches that are controlled by the people, by the General administration in the capital Aden and the directors of branches.

Calling for the full activation of the public administration with competent and experienced cadres, stressing the need to restore the role of the company and its strategic storage facilities, and blessing the steps and actions taken by the Central bank on the suppliers of petroleum derivatives.

The Council called on the Prime minister to direct the provincial governors to stop interfering with the authority and competence of the oil company in the provinces, noting that if these demands are not implemented, the legal rights guaranteed will be used.


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