Al-Baydda provincial police chief resigns from position to protest the failing of resistance

Al-Baydda provincial police chief resigns from position to protest the failing of resistance

The Director general of Al-Baydha provincial police, "central Yemen ", announced his resignation Saturday evening, protesting against the "great disregard by the Gov to the resistance and fronts of al-Baydha province "

Brigadier General Ahmed Ali Mohammed al-Humiqani, in a statement a copy of it received by "Al-Masdar online, "ignoring the resistance of Al-Omar Thi Na’em and the resistance of Al-Zaher and Al-Humiqan as they confront the coup militias with their large arsenal of tanks and mechanisms and heavy weapons and miscellaneous."as he described it.

"Although we have raised several telegrams to the higher authorities to inform them of the seriousness of the situation and before the fall strategic mountain of" Helmos "to  the militias, we have not heard or received any attention until this moment," he said.

Al- Humiqani also expressed dissatisfaction with "ignoring the provision of basic and simple support to the Department of Security in the province" while "five liberated directorates need to control security and solve the problems caused by the war," including the non-accreditation of 2,000 individuals who were directed by President Hadi to be accredited to the provincial police.

Al- Humiqani demanded that the province of Baydha be settled in all other governorates in all needs and rights. Confirming that the resignation came due to sensing the suffering of my province and protesting neglect."

On Saturday, militants of the al-Houthi group took control of the latest areas in Thi Na’em after fierce battles with resistance gunemn, and erected a point at the border of al-Zahir district with the province of Lahj.

The men of the popular resistance in Thi Na’em and al-Zahir have been facing al-Houthi war machine for almost five years, with their simple potential, complaining about the disregard of the legitimate government and coalition countries for their resistance.


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