The story of the assassination of President Al-Hamdi in the front again. Is it a try to reveal the truth or paper within the Gulf conflict!

The story of the assassination of President Al-Hamdi in the front again. Is it a try to reveal the  truth or paper within the Gulf conflict!

While the Qatari Al-Jazeera channel began broadcasting on the date of the broadcast of a documentary on the death of President Al-Hamdi titled "The Last Lunch", Yemeni activists and media officials published a declaration carrying the official Yemeni satellite logo for a similar documentary on the same subject, which is supposed to be aired on Friday evening.

President Al-Hamdi is the third president of the Yemeni Arab Republic (the old name of northern Yemen before the unification) from June 13, 1974 until October 11, 1977.

The surprising announcement of a similar documentary on the same issue was circulated by activists and media outlets titled "Who Killed the president?" and the slogan of the Yemeni government satellite broadcast from the Saudi capital of Riyadh, but the declaration itself disappeared before it aired , which indicates the possibility of undo the broadcast for unknown reasons.

Yemen has been in a war for years and this war has been rife with violations, gas setbacks and mysterious points that need to be revealed.

The facts say that the Gulf people did not like President al-Hamdi, whose late reign was characterized by tension with the regional countries, which he saw as a tendency to emerge from the cape of the elder brothers ' guardianship.

What is apparent from the details is that raising the issue has nothing to do with love or loathing, but it is more likely to employ men's blood in the Gulf conflict for more than two years, and to record more convictions than try to reveal the truth.

Despite the failures that have accompanied the rule in Yemen since the revolution of September 62, the period of President Hamdi has been in the popular consciousness of a large segment of Yemenis who saw in him the hope of Yemen to dream of it. Because those involved in the assassination of President Al-Hamdi were the ones who rolled after him, the story of his assassination remained just multiple, incomplete and contradictory novels circulated by the man's lovers, relatives and opponents without revealing the true papers of that period, so that the revelation of the facts remained impossible in the light of the fact that those who had directed their weapons towards the man and pulled the trigger were the same ones who held the reins of power and concealed the details and obliterated everything that has an effect on the crime and even on the time of the man's rule with all that it has.

The poor Yemen was still the back garden of the rich Gulf and all attempts to get out of this square failed, the fans of President Ibrahim al-Hamdi say that his reign was among those few attempts that early aborted and they go to hold the countries of the territory responsible for planning his assassination, although with the weapon of his closest comrades and his influential colleagues in the command of the Army. The documentary, which is scheduled to be aired by Qatar's Al-Jazeera satellite channel on Saturday without occasion, says Jamal al-Mulaiki, a documentary producer for Al-Jazeera, that it is not necessary to have an occasion for broadcast event, and adds Al- Mulaiki in an interview to " Al-Masdar online " I worked on the film about a year ago and I was trying to accomplish it and broadcast it on the anniversary of the assassination of Al-Hamdi on October 13 last year but I couldn't do it, and now after the film was finished we decided to broadcast it.

Alliances changed , and enemies have also changed in the map of conflict in the region, but old files seem to be still valid for recruitment in the conflicts of enemy brothers, and in his comment to Al-Masdar online goes the writer and researcher Mohamed Salah that the reveal of the truth is not within the agenda of the workers on this case specifically at this time, adds: "All of them are currently going to use half the truth to employ them under the current conflict."

Al- Mulaiki denies the accusation and understands "any action that Al-Jazeera broadcasts in this circumstance we will hear talks related to exploit it  the conflict," and confirms that the film included good documents from more than one archive around the world, adding, "The film will be broadcast and viewers and critics can evaluate it through its content and to what extent it is committed with professional standards, "he stressed that he had no purpose but to try to clarify the ambiguity that had been surrounding the issue for decades.

Yemen's conflict and bloody liquidations, as in the case of the assassination of President Al-Hamdi and afterwards, and by Yemeni leaders and commanders, will continue to be searched and investigated until they are evacuated in conditions that are more predictable and without exploiting.


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