Taiz.. 2 soldiers, 3 gunmen, 10 civilians killed in past hours

Taiz.. 2 soldiers, 3 gunmen, 10 civilians killed in past hours

Two soldiers, three gunmen and 10 civilians were killed and 11 civilians were injured as a result of clashes and ongoing shelling between the security campaign and the Abu al-Abbas brigades of the 35th Armoured Brigade south of Taiz City.

Security sources told Al-Masdar online that the clashes had been expanded, accompanied by artillery shelling and sniping operations between the security campaign forces and the Abu Abbas Brigades, which is funded by Emirati in the old city and adjacent areas.

According to sources, the soldier Rabie Mahjub Naaman and another military police soldier were shot dead by snipers of Abu al-Abbas brigades in front of the Republican hospital building, in return, killing three Abu al-Abbas gunmen.

A citizen called Al-Wisabi  and six other members of his family were killed in Wadi al-Madam, the child Uday Jalal Osman was killed in Bab al-Kabir as a result of the shells, and a citizen was killed and a motorcycle driver in a Aqbat Mofreh by sniper fire.

In addition, 11 civilians, including three seriously wounded, were taken to  AL- Thawrah Republican Hospital and Al-Safwah hospitals.

The fall of some of the shells due to mutual shelling burned two buildings  and three shops on al-Khayateen Street and commercial stalls in Bab Musa and Bab al-Kabir.


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