Elected a 23- presidency board members... Southern National Coalition to hold first conference in Aden

Elected a 23- presidency board members... Southern National Coalition to hold first conference in Aden

The Southern National Coalition held its first constituent meeting in Aden, the interim capital in southern Yemen, in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Ahmed al-Mayseri.

The meeting, which is the first General Conference, was devoted to discussing the political and human rights vision of the coalition, as well as the bylaws of the Southern National Coalition, which concluded its first session with the election of a 23- presidency member comprising leaders of the southern movement close to President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, and others support the federal project.

The National Coalition held its conference in the Hall of the city of Sheikh Osman, north of Aden, under the slogan "Together with the embodiment of the principle of tolerance and national partnership," said leaders who attended the meeting and supported the coalition that the latter is seeking to better represent the southern issue, and on the other hand, it seeks to unify the Southern national vision.

The Southern National Coalition submitted a press release to the media, which included several points, including pointing out that the errors resulting from the unity’s project and the negatives of the former regime against the south should not serve as a motive for the destruction of Yemeni identity, stressing that Yemen in both the north and the South had suffered from the rule of the former regime.

The coalition said in its press communiqué that it stood in front of the issue of the southern national identity as he said  "The depth of the southern issue and the basis on which it is based," noting in the meantime that it  "cannot accept the falsification of consciousness and the introduction of the Yemeni south as a amputated people does not have the identity and descried the Coalition Attempts to disavow them from Yemeni  body with as fiddler  ".

According to the coalition, the south suffered from the division as well as during the integrationist Unity Project and said that both periods that witnessed the disadvantages cannot be dropped on a people seeking freedom and this requires the press communiqué of the Coalition to build a political system away from slogans and promote illusions.

According to the coalition, the outcome of the National Dialogue Conference provided an example of a reasonable solution to many problems in the country, including the southern issue, which said the dialogue conference made it at the heart of its output and was an opportunity for the people of Yemen, but the coup that led the Houthis failed the mission, he said .

The coalition said that the intervention of the Arab coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to deter Iran-backed Houthis at the request of President Hadi was a landmark stance, saying it had put an end to Tehran's interventions.

The conference said it was concerned at the situation described tragically in the country's interim  capital city of Aden, the deterioration in the security file and attacks on human rights outside the law as well as the operations of the numerator and the operations of tampering with the urban plan and control of public property, describing it with the destructive approach to Aden.

The conference said that the formation of entities and armed formations outside the state and not following the state's command structure is a booby-trap and mining of the situation in the south, and said in the text of the communiqué issued by the Conference  "The pigments of armed formations inside Aden of tribal and regional nature do not serve stability in the South", and stressed the need to stand seriously in front of that actions.

The coalition said it opens up to all southern components and forces away from monopoly and exclusivity claims and rejects the slogans of treason and extremism.

The coalition said that the national battle in Yemen now is to topple the Iranian project, which he said targeted Yemen and the Arab nation, and called in its legitimacy and coalition to support the fighting fronts in the province of al-Dale and stop the extension of the Houthis to the southern regions.

Earlier in March, the Southern National Coalition failed to hold its first constituent conference in Cairo, Egypt, after the Egyptian authorities banned it and leaders of the Southern National Coalition referred to Egyptian-Emirati understandings that succeeded in blocking the announcement of the Southern National Coalition in Egypt.

The leader of the Southern Resistance and movement Adib al-Issa withdrew from the Southern National Coalition in early April, accusing him of succumbing to the influence and control of leaders of the Yemeni rally for reform “Islah”.

On a related level, deputy security chief of Aden Colonel Ali al-Dheeb  Al-Kazemy resigned from his post against the backdrop of the success of the Southern National Coalition in holding its founding conference in Aden this morning.


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