Academics have been dismissed. Houthis emptying universities from their cadres

Academics have been dismissed. Houthis emptying universities from their cadres

Al-Houthi militias decided to dismiss the academic and media spokesperson of the Supreme Council of Teaching unions at government universities and the academic officer of the Teaching syndicate at Hodeidah University, Dr. Mansour al-Qadasi.

Al- Qadasi explained in a private interview to "Al-Masdar online " that he received a surprise contact from his colleague telling him that the Council of Hodeidah University appointed by Houthi militias decided to dismiss him.

Al- Qadasi said that Houthi militias had displaced him  from Hodeidah after they stormed and looted his university residence at night and failed to arrest him, and al- Qadasi was seen as academics who refused to obey the Houthi militias and continued to demand the disbursement of academics salaries  from the beginning of their suspension more than two years ago.

Al- Qadasi appealed to UNESCO's educational, Cultural and scientific organization, being interested in science, culture and human rights organizations, to rescue academics from Yemeni universities from the misery they are living as a result of the targeting of Houthi militias and ignoring of the legitimacy of their suffering, giving them the opportunity of human asylum to benefit from their research and scientific experience in the service of humanity until the conditions in the detained homeland stabilize. He pointed out that many academics stopped their research projects because of these conditions and sold their scientific libraries for the sustenance of their lives and their families after the interruption of their salaries two years ago.

Al- Qadasi said the Houthi militias decided to dismiss the academic Dr. Hamdi Al-Banna due to a disagreement between him and the university's director assigned by Houthis, and that there are new dismissal  decisions later taken by the militia in addition to the dismissal of more than 15 employees from Hodeidah university months ago.

According to Al- Qadasi, militias have dismissed  more than 100 academics from the University of Sana'a because of their opposition of militia, including scientifically privileged and others who were unable to return to the militia areas.

Since its takeover of the Yemeni capital Sana'a in late 2014, the militias have been fighting, arresting and abducting any hostile academic, destroying the university education system, as well as imposing new courses under the name of national culture and the Arab-Israeli conflict for all university students.


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