After a week.. The return of the normal life of the old city of Taiz and citizens wondering is it the last round?

After a week.. The return of the normal life of the old city of Taiz and citizens wondering is it the last round?

"We hope that this security, which has been returned to us two days ago to be continuous," with these words through residents of the old city of Taiz  "Southwest Yemen " to the reporter  of "Al-Masdar online" about their situation after a week in their city, where killed and injured, as a result of confrontations between the security campaign and the militants of the Abu Abbas Brigades, which ended up evacuating the militants of the Brigades stationed in the city.

Residents here in the old City neighborhoods say they have been trapped for a whole week, and the blockade has intensified in the last two days, during which they were prevented from bringing their food and water supplies as a result of the intensification of fighting between the two sides.

"Abu Jalal" tells us about the difficult days he has lived and he says  "We have experienced difficult days trapped, neither eat nor drink, but there was cooperation between citizens," and Abu Bashir al-Mouradi added, "We have lived through the days since it was created 50 years ago, and the population suffering psychologically young and old."

The effects of bullets and shells on citizens ' homes continue to be witnessed by a fierce war between the security committee and the UAE-backed "Abu Abbas" brigades, which ended with the recent exodus of forces from the old neighborhoods to the al-Kadaha front in the Taiz countryside.

The last war was centered within the neighborhoods of the "Wadi Madam" and  "Aqabat Mofreh " and  "Al-Jomhoury " and  "Bab Musa ", which never has been closed for decades for more than 24 hours only during the confrontations in the city last week, according to citizens .

As we passed through a " Aqabat Mofreh " area, we saw one of the residents meditating on the ruins of some houses, and we invited another citizen to photograph his house after a shell penetrated and uprooted his outer door.

During our tour and meeting with more than 20 residents of the Old City, the residents told us that they were unhappy about transforming their city and neighborhoods into a battlefield, says Abu Ashraf Abdo, "with these bullets they were able to liberate Taiz and more, we saw sophisticated weaponry, especially with Abu Abbas."

"The humanitarian side is absent from the gunmen of Abu Abbas and members of the security campaign during the bloody clashes and we are trapped," said Haj Amin Saeed.

Citizens talk about the memories of the horrors of the neighborhoods in the presence of what they call the "masked ", who were protected by the brigades, who were prevented from listening to the songs and showing their comments in a crude and provocative manner on the clothes of girls who think they are unsuitable from their point of view.

With the length of the period, the citizens here gained experience in dealing with the militants and coexistence with them normally, but the presence of gunmen in a relationship of disharmony with the security agencies makes the city threatened at any moment of the outbreak of confrontations and thus pay for it of their lives and properties and their stability, and they believe that now the situation will be better after the gunmen leave the alleys and neighborhoods of the densely populated city.

A water tank official speaks "the way " of the old City and the contours of a face that is grieved by the "citizens without water", after the water tanks were damaged by bullets and shrapnel. We saw citizens trying to close holes in their water tanks, in which they kept water to quench their thirst.

One of the owners of the shops asked, "Who will compensate me for the value of the tanks that were damaged by the clashes? ".

This year, the areas of the governorate of Taiz are experiencing severe water scarcity and high prices for sale, as a result of the blockade and the presence of water wells in the Houthi-controlled areas, but the Old City, which has just been emerging from bloody confrontations, is more miserable.

Because of the accumulation of waste within the old city near the big door, as a result of the lack of access to the cleaning and improvement fund, residents resorted to burning, causing a lot of trouble for the population, and the residents are waiting for the cleaning fund in particular, that security has become stable and unjustified for the absence of clean works.


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