Arrest campaign against northern citizens in Lawdar.. And military reinforcements have arrived to strengthen the fighters in “Aqabat Tharrah”

Arrest campaign against northern citizens in Lawdar.. And military reinforcements have arrived to strengthen the fighters in “Aqabat Tharrah”

A local source told the "Al-Masdar online " that units of the security Belt forces supported by the UAE led, on Sunday, started arresting campaigns for citizens of the northern governorates on charges of association with the Houthis cells in the Lawdar directorate northeast of Abyan.

Local residents and eyewitnesses said that the rapid intervention forces of the security belt forces arrested, citizens of the central provinces of the country  "Taiz, Ibb " Working in shops and restaurants in the Lawdar, to conduct an investigation with them after receiving information about their links to cells providing support and attribution to Houthis.

Local residents and eyewitnesses said to "Al-Masdar  online" the arrests began on Saturday evening, leading to the arrest of northern citizens and their transfer to a detention site near the Lawdar police station.

The source contacted  a security commander in the security Belt forces to comment on the authenticity of the information about the arrest of northern citizens in Lawdar district but refused to comment, but a source in the same local forces assured us the authenticity of the information and said that arrests do not target northern citizens in an intentional way or it is carried out with regional motive as it is published in some media outlets.

A security source spoke to  "Al-Masdar online " on the phone he said that there was information that the security forces reported the deployment of specific elements in a Lawdar with cells linked to the Houthis, which led to the initiation of arrest campaigns to investigate those suspected, but said that the investigations are carried out in a systematic manner, pointing at the fact that anyone who proves not to be a member or has no relationship or link between him and the suspect cells will be released directly.

A special source told "Al-Masdar online" that the motive for the security belt soldiers to arrest northern citizens was the result of a disagreement between a local commander in the security forces and Qat sellers who refused to succumb to the blackmail of a leader of armed groups belonging to the security belt what pushed the latter to use his influence in disciplining of Qat sellers with a mass arrest campaign involved many of those who were in solidarity with the targets.

On a related level, a security source said that the security forces in the central region led by Brigadier Abdul Latif al-Sayed, close to the UAE, sent military reinforcements to Aqabat Tharrah, a rugged mountain chain linking the directors of Lawdar  and Mikiras.

The source said that military units of the belt and rapid intervention forces moved towards the mountains to strengthen the Southern resistance forces and the army, which have been fighting with the Houthis for three years, but the conduct of battles in the Long Mountain series became more fierce in conjunction with the Houthis ' attempts to move towards the centre  Al-Dale province, northern Aden.

According to the source, the military units reached the "Amba'ala" area, a rugged mountainous area on the outskirts of Lawdar, which includes an alternative route to al-Baydha province, which is now the main road in Lawdar, after it has paralysed traffic and movement through the road of Aqabat Tharrah, which is witnessing reciprocal battles between the Houthis on one hand and forces of the Southern Resistance and units of the Army on the other hand.

The Houthis are dominated Aqabat Tharrah that later leads to the Mikiras Directorate, which is under the Iranian-backed Shiite group, while local resistance forces, mostly members of the Southern Movement in Lawdar, along with the government-backed military infantry Brigade (115) of the Gulf, are controlling the middle of Tharrah mountains and down of Al-Aqabah.

A military source said that the Aqaba is witnessing sporadic battles with the Houthi militia, which said it seeks to distract the focus and attention of pro-government fighters and the Coalition on the battles of al-Dale and Al-Baydha to attack Tharra, and on the other hand the Houthis are aware of the inaction in the  front of the legitimate government and  the Saudi-led coalition, therefore, is trying to exploit the pressure factor and lack of support to attack and take full control of Tharrah so that the Lawdar directorate can later become under the fire of their weapons.

Aqabat Tharrah is a strategically important site because the rugged mountain, with its steep slopes and meandering on the path leading to Al-Baydha from Lawdar and vice versa, gives a great impetus to those who control it to control the fate of the areas below it by virtue of its high mountain peak on  Lawdar directorate directly makes Lawdar subject to domination  of the dominance.

The Houthis are striving to stay in Aqabat Tharrah because they represent a moral symbolism of great importance, which makes part of the southern regions from which they were expelled subject either to direct control such as Mikiras   "controlled since 2015" or by direct threat to the central areas of Abyan  "Lawdar, Moodya, Al-Wadhee’a ".

The control of the Houthis of Tharrah military gives it some insurance from the back of its controlled areas in Mikiras  and Al Baydha.

"The internationally recognized government, along with the Saudi-led Arab coalition, is ignoring the battles on a number of fronts where the Houthis are pushing for progress, including a" Tharrah "front, he said, adding that the two sides do not seriously deal with the risks that can be multiplied if the Houthis manage to control Tharrah  completely.


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