After He caught a female student in a cheating situation. Houthis kidnapped academic at Sanaa University

After He caught a female student in a cheating situation. Houthis kidnapped academic at Sanaa University

Al-Houthi militias at Sanaa kidnapped the Academic in  University at the faculty of Sharia and law Dr. Yahya al-Awami after revealing a student who was caught in a cheating situation last week.

Mansour al-Qadasi, the media spokesperson for the teaching unions at the state universities, explained to "Al-Masdar online" that the Houthi gunmen who were on the campus under the name of "university security" kidnapped al-Awami after demanding the application of the Student Affairs roles to a college student who practiced cheating while performing Final exams.

Al-Awami is the head of control for the faculty of Sharia and law.

For its part, the Union of faculty members and their assistants at the University of Sana'a in a statement published on its page on the social networking site  "Facebook " The incident of kidnapping and arresting the member of the faculty from his place of work in the college, by the security of the university and making fabricated charges against him, following the work of al-Awami with a group of observers discovered a student caught in the act of cheating during the final exams in the college and then seized and investigated by the competent commissions of inquiry, including the security committees.

The union added that the university security took the staff member Awami from the faculty in a humiliating manner while performing his duties in the college and before everyone, and he was charged with a malicious complaint from the said student who found the case of fraud, which appears that the security of the university has sided with the student's complaint and did not heed of the results of the official investigations carried out by the competent committees.

The Union pointed out that this work is a dangerous precedent within of Sanaa University, to arrest one of its members based on a malicious charge of a female student  "What may in the future lead to the abandonment of some of the university staff and their assistants and administrators to control the academic and administrative process within University  ".

It pointed out that the public prosecutor in Sana'a (appointed by the Houthis) quickly directed to release Dr. Al-Awami as soon as possible, but the security authorities of the Houthis are still delaying his release.

The syndicate called on the kidnappers of Awami to quickly release him, before the events in the university worsen and lead to the interruption of the educational process in the coming period.


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