Human rights sources. Al-Houthi tried 65 kidnapped in Sanaa on charges of "prostitution"

Human rights sources. Al-Houthi tried 65 kidnapped in Sanaa on charges of "prostitution"

According to human rights sources, the Al-Houthi group has begun hearings to try 65 citizens ain separate cases, mainly "prostitution."

The sources added to  "Al-Masdar online " that the Court of Southeast secretariat of the capital and southwest the municipality of the capital, began to prosecute more than 65 detainees and prisoners , more than a year after arrest, torture, enforced disappearance and extortion.

The sources explained that the trial proceedings were being conducted amid media and legal irregularities and in the midst of a total absence of human rights organizations and defense lawyers.

According to the sources, some cases were prosecuted and other cases were tried by women who had been abducted without any reason, and were being tried after the Houthis fabricated files and charges against honor as “prostitution ", blackmailing their families and threatening to expose their daughters.

While a human rights source in contact with "Al-Masdar online " ruled that the persons being tried had to do with the anti-Houthi kidnapped, he asserted that most of the proceedings had been carried out illegally, and that some of the defendants had been clearly fabricated and wronged.

Media and human rights reports revealed that the Houthi militias abducted dozens of women in the capital's municipality, detained them in police stations and criminal research camps, subjected them to psychological and physical torture, extorted their relatives, and forced them to pay ransom money for their release, after fabrication of practicing of prostitution and vice against them.


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