Organization: The Houthis buried a kidnapped who died under torture without informing his family

Organization: The Houthis buried a kidnapped who died under torture without informing his family

A human rights group revealed that Houthi militias in Sanaa buried the body of a young detainee who died under torture without the knowledge of his family.

"The researcher Adel Zaou’ari died under torture in the Houthi militia's prisons on 22 August 2016, and his body was found thrown near the police hospital in Sana'a, and the Houthi militia refused to hand over his body to his family, for the past period, they have demanded a large ransom " said Sam  's rights and freedoms organization in a statement released on Friday..

According to information received by Sam, al-Houthi militias buried the body of Zaou’ari in the tomb of al-Nasr Street, northeast of Sanaa, without performing the usual funeral proceedings, and only two people prayed on him at the cemetery.

According to the organization, the Al- Zaou’ari family was assaulted by a Houthi supervisor at the police hospital when they questioned the body of their relative and threatened to blow up their house.

The organization documented the case of the death of Adel Abdo Ahmed Zaou’ari "28" Years of the interior village of Zaw’ar al-Haymah Al-Dakhliah on 20 August 2016, where his body was found in the vicinity of the police hospital in the Yemeni capital Sana'a and has traces of torture, and his father received contact from Houthi gunmen to attend to take the body, previously Abducted by al-Houthi militants a month before from within the University of Science and Technology Hospital.

Al- Zaw’ar holds a masters degree in Islamic jurisprudence and was working on a scientific research to obtain a doctorate degree, and he has published articles against the Iranian ideology espoused by the Houthis. Sources told the source online that his brother went to the cemetery after receiving information about the burial place of the body, and the cemetery guard assured him that the body was brought by Houthi gunmen who asked them to bury it and only the guard and his son prayed on him.


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