Returned to Aden.. The Presidential Protection Brigades find themselves in the crossfire of a friend forces in al-Dale

Returned to Aden.. The Presidential Protection Brigades find themselves in the crossfire of a friend forces in al-Dale

President Hadi's Presidential Protection troops returned to the interim capital of Aden on Wednesday evening after being shot by other armed formations in al-Dale province.

The presidential protection forces had moved to al-Dale on the basis of presidential directives to take part in repelling the Houthis ' progress towards the city of al-Dale, but found themselves the target of a friend's forces supposedly fighting with them against a common enemy.

The leadership of the presidential protection issued an explanation for the clashes that took place between its forces and those of the 33rd Armored Brigade, led by the governor of al-Dale, General Ali Moqbel, and later ambushed by forces from the security belt.

The Presidential protection Command said that its forces had gone to Al-Dale to take part in the fighting against the Houthis there, explaining that with the arrival of the force the first day the forces were subjected to a large-scale media provocation, which took place there and affected the mentalities of fighters who should have been on one side  to confront the Houthis.

The command indicated that a presidential protection force was positioned immediately after its arrival at the security Department building in Qa’tabah district following the withdrawal of the 33-Armoured Brigade forces following the recent progress of the Houthis.

The leaders said the presidential protection forces remained stationed in the building but were surprised at dawn on Wednesday with the arrival of a force from the 7th Battalion of the 33rd Armored Brigade to ask the presidential protection forces to leave the building because they claimed it.

The disagreement between the parties has evolved into clashes that have led the presidential protection Force's to withdraw towards Aden.

The command indicated that the force was on its way to Aden and was stopped  by a security belt point where was asked to surrender and deliver the vehicles and weapons, which was rejected and led to clashes that left dead and wounded.

The Presidential protection command deeply regretted the incitement and slander against the presidential protection Brigades, asserting that any news published outside the context of the clarification was false.

A local source told Al-Masdar online that a soldier of the presidential protection Force was killed Wednesday afternoon in an armed ambush by the UAE-backed security forces on the road linking the al-Dale and Aden governorates as they withdrew from the Murais front.

According to the source, a mediation led by the commander of the Fourth Military region, Maj.-Gen. Fadl Hassan, succeeded in removing a siege imposed by the security forces on the presidential protection forces while on their way to Aden, a few minutes after they were ambushed by an armed forces.


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