Clashes are the heaviest in Qa’tabah north of al-Dale, civilian casualties and mass displacements

Clashes are the heaviest in Qa’tabah north of al-Dale, civilian casualties and mass displacements

Clashes between government forces and the Arab Coalition and the Houthi fighters escalated in sporadic areas of the southern Yemeni province of al-Dali.

On the outskirts of Qattaiba, in the northern province of al-Dali, fierce battles have killed and wounded both sides, according to field sources.

According to the sources, the clashes intensified in the past hours after the Houthis launched attacks to try to advance to the city of Qa’tabah following their progress and their stationing in the western and northern parts of the city.

Yesterday, al-Houthi militants took control of a number of institutions, neighbourhoods and streets of Qa’tabah city and penetrated it, but the joint forces managed to defeat them after fierce battles in the city, but other sources reported that the Houthi militia still controls the building of the economic company in the city of Qa’tabah.

The city of Qa’tabah turned into a battlefield amid a large exodus of civilians as dozens of shells hit several neighbourhoods and streets of the city, while a number of residents said they could not flee or leave their homes due to the intensity of the confrontations.

Local sources said that civilians were killed and wounded, including children, after a shells  fell on the home of Hassan Omar Saif , in AL-Markazi neighbourhood  in Qa’tabah.

The sources said at least three people were killed and four others from two neighbouring families were shelled in their homes in the city centre.

Yesterday, there were violent clashes between government forces and the Houthis at the al-Arail site at the outskirts of al-Jumaima in Qa’tabah district.

The security forces in al-Dali province declared the emergency in the areas of " Qa’tabah -Senah-Shakhab" with a complete curfew from 9pm to 8am.

The security forces justified the declaration of emergency in order to protect the residents and their belongings, the statement issued by the security belt forces, which included the declaration of the battle called " cutting the breath" against the Houthi militia, which also announced the launch of a battle called” the long breath” .


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