"Al-Baydha " Parties warn the government and the coalition of the danger of failing the resistance in Thi Na’em and the Zaher

"Al-Baydha " Parties  warn the government and the coalition of the danger of failing the resistance in Thi Na’em and the Zaher

The political parties in al-Baydha province, demanded the government and the national army, immediate and urgent action to support the popular resistance in "Thi Na;em, Al-Zahir and Al- Humaiqan", which is being subjected to a fierce onslaught of Houthi militias.

This was made in a statement issued by the Parties (General People's Congress, Yemeni rally for reform”Islah”, al-Rashad Yemeni Union, Justice and Building party, and the Peace and Development Party), to which Al-Masdar online obtained a copy.

In the statement, the parties said, "What the Houthi militia is doing to the sons of al-Baydha province and to the Directorates " Thi Na’em, and Al- Zahir, Al-Humaiqan  ", these days are" war crimes ", and cause the manufacture of a new human tragedy under  the world eyes ".

The parties and political forces in al-Baydha warned, "the seriousness of inaction, failure or slowdown in supporting and backing the popular resistance, because of the catastrophic consequences for the military operations and the battle to restore the province in general, and the repercussions of this on the level of trust of tribes and society with legitimacy And the Arab coalition  ".

The statement praised the efforts of the Arab coalition ,  "hoping to accelerate the pace of support and attribution, given the severity of the need and the extent of the damage inflicted by the Houthi militia on the rights of the population in the areas of Al-Zahir Directorate and its environs."

The Houthi militias intensified their attacks on Thi Na’em  and al-Zahir, after they managed to control several sites, such as strategic "Halmos "mountain, which overlooks the areas of the Al-Hadd in Yafe’a in the province of Lahj.

Tribesmen and public resistance in al-Baydha are fighting fierce battles against the Houthi group, which in recent weeks has brought heavy weapons and military equipment, which it uses to indiscriminately attack villages and residential areas.

The popular resistance in al-Baydha complains about the lack of military supplies and materiel and the delay in sending reinforcements to fighters on the fronts, as well as the absence of support from the Arab Alliance, as well as the exposure of pro-legitimacy camps in the Directorate of the Al-Sawma’ah a few weeks ago to raids by fighters believed to be affiliated of the coalition, which resulted in the killing and wounding of soldiers and the destruction of military machinery and equipment that the army had seized from the Houthis in previous battles.


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