Clashes continue in Qa’tabbah and a woman killed by Houthi sniper

Clashes continue in Qa’tabbah and a woman killed by Houthi sniper

Sporadic clashes between government forces and Huthi fighters continue in the southern Yemeni province of al-Dali amid a major exodus from Qa’tabbah northern of the province.

According to field sources, violent confrontations between government forces and Houthi militia have been sporadic in a number of neighbourhoods and streets of the city of Qa’tabbah after the Houthi militia took control of the northern and western parts of the town.

Confrontations between the forces of the national army and the Houthi militia in the city of Qa’tabbah, to Naqeel Al-Sheem  south of Murais area, "Hamran al-Sada" area, north of Qa’tabbah district, and the western ring road in Al-'bara area.

The two sides exchanged artillery shelling and targeted al-Houthi positions by government forces in Hamran al-Sada area, Dar Al-Suqmah and the "Ma;zoob Amer", North and west of Qa’tabbah district.

According to other sources, the government forces targeted a truck carrying ammunition and a military vehicle as they passed through the villages of Haumr west of Qa’tabbah district.

A woman, Zahra Hamemed Ali, was shot dead by a Houthi sniper in the village of "Thi Ali" in Al-Azareq district, in the border between Baher and Torsa.


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