Al-Houthi group reveals who has received the ports of Hodeidah. Is the United Nations will pass this "Play "?

Al-Houthi group reveals who has received the ports of Hodeidah. Is  the United Nations will pass this "Play "?

The al-Houthi group revealed the identity of the forces that took over the ports of Hodeidah in the unilateral withdrawal that was announced by the militias last Saturday and was blessed by the United Nations and the Redeployment Coordination Committee headed by Danish General Michael Lolisgaard.

Ali al-Mushky, deputy chief of the General Staff of Houthis forces, was quoted by the al-Houthi-affiliated al-Masirah channel as saying that the army forces loyal to them and their militias (the people's committees) handed over the ports to the forces of the "Coast Guard" concerned to protect them.

"The Coast Guard, which has received the ports, is a" regular force trained and competent in this work of securing the ports of Hodeidah and the coastal strip, "the Houthi leader said.

He confessed to sending reinforcements from their militias and loyal forces to the city of Hodeidah and its ports after the signing of the Sweden agreement, justifying what he said was "attempts to break into the city of Hodeidah from the forces of aggression."

The Sweden agreement on Hodeidah, which entered into force on December 18 last year, provides for "the obligation not to provide any military reinforcements by the parties to the province, the city of Hodeidah or Hodeidah, al-Saleef and Ras Issa  ports", which the Houthi leader admitted.

The Stockholm agreement also states that "the responsibility for the security of the city of Hodeidah, al-Hodeidah, Saleef and Ras Issa rests with the local security forces according to Yemeni law". According to the legitimate government interpretation.

The United Nations announced yesterday that the al-Houthi unilateral withdrawal from the port of Hodeidah was carried out under its supervision and control, confirming that it was carried out in accordance with the agreed plans.

Government officials have already announced their rejection of the unilateral withdrawal and questioned the seriousness of the Houthis in implementing the Sweden agreement.

Information Minister Muammar al-Eryani said that what happened was similar to what happened a few months ago, when the Houthis handed over the port of Hodeidah to their gunmen wearing coast guard uniforms.

The Chancellor of the Republic, former foreign Minister Abdulmalik al-Mulkhafi, spoke about the complicity of UN envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths, with the Houthis, stressing that the only withdrawal "is the withdrawal of the Houthi militias in favour of legality... And below that is the naivety. "

No official stance has been issued by the recognized government.

However, a statement issued by the government delegation participating in the consultations, considered the steps of the Houthis to be in contravention of the Swedish Agreement and common understandings, and also considered the statements of the Government team participating in the UN committee, that the Houthis ' actions are illegal, the official position association, with the clarifications of the United Nations and what wil be done on the  ground of clearance of mines and obstructions, which happens later

The United Nations, through a statement by the Chairman of the Redeployment Coordination Committee, Michael Lolisgaard , confirmed that the Commission would "conduct the official verification of this initial redeployment at the three ports on Tuesday, 14th of May.


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