Bin Salman: "Houthis " Attacks of Saudi oil installations confirms that it is merely a tool to implement Iran's agenda

Prince Khalid bin Salman, Saudi deputy defense minister, said that attacks of the al-Houthi group in Yemen on two Saudi Aramco oil terminals in the kingdom confirms that the group is a tool for implementing Iran's agenda in the region.

This came in a tweet to the Saudi prince, who said: "What the Iranian-backed Houthi militias have done in a terrorist attack on Saudi Aramco's pumping stations confirms that it is only a tool to implement Iran's agenda and serve its expansionist project in the region, not to protect the Yemeni citizen as they claim ".

In a separate tweet, he continued, " Terrorist acts carried by al-Houthi under the supreme orders of Tehran, they erect the gallows of current political efforts."

For his part, Adel Jubair, Saudi Minister of State for Foreign affairs in a tweet on his Twitter page said:  "The Houthi confirms day after day that it implements the Iranian agenda and sells the capabilities of the Yemeni people, and its decisions in favour of Iran."

"Al-Houthi is an integral part of the Iranian revolutionary Guard and going through its orders, and this is confirmed by the targeting of facilities in the kingdom," he said.

Saudi Aramco, the jewel of the crown of the oil industry, was temporarily stopped pumping in the line which was targeted bt  a "terrorist act" via drones on Tuesday, confirming that the operation launched by the Houthis did not result in casualties , but only "minor damage" to one of the stations.


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