Gunmen attack home of pro-Houthis security official in Sanaa

Gunmen attack home of pro-Houthis security official in Sanaa

Tribal gunmen in the capital Sana'a attacked the house and guards of Brigadier Abdul Hafez Al-Saqqaf, appointed by al-Houthi militia, as director of Ibb Provincial police.

Informed sources said that an armed group of Khawlan tribes attacked the house of Brigadier General Al-Saqqaf and exchanged fire with the guards of the house following disagreements between Al-Saqqaf and some Khawlan tribes supported by high Houthi leaders, including the Houthi militia supervisor in Ibb Saleh Hajib.

According to the sources, al-Saqqaf refuses to release two gunmen from Khawlan who are accused of attacking a village in Ibb and looting the residents and stealing their belongings, and the gunmen and Houthi leaders seek to pressure the Al-Saqqaf by attacking his house and trying to kidnap a relative or house guards to bargain for the release of the detained gunmen.

The nature of the casualties was not known as a result of clashes between the attackers and guarding the house under great secrecy over the incident.

The incident came a day after dozens of militants of high Houthi Command attacked the headquarters of the Ibb Province police and stormed it as a result of the escalating internal disputes of the Houthi leadership, which is exacerbated by the conflict of influence and positions within the group.


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