Taiz.. Army announces arrest one of the most dangerous security wanted

Taiz.. Army announces arrest one of the most dangerous security wanted

A military campaign on Saturday morning arrested a security wanted who was on the official terror list, named Bilal al-Wafi, as the army announced today in Taiz.

In a statement published by the Army spokesperson in Taiz, Colonel Abdul Basit al-Bahr, he said that a special army force was able to "arrest the most wanted," Bilal al-Wafi, alias "Abu al-Walid," who is internationally wanted and classified on the global terrorist list for years.

He said that he was arrested in one of the old houses in the western countryside of Taiz  "Village Wahr bilad  al-Wafi", after being besieged for hours "in a successful security operation after he refused to extradite and resisted the authorities so that the heroes could arrest him, with a number of shells." , Al-Bahr added that one of the campaign soldiers injured during the operation.

According to al-Bahr, al-Wafi had been fortified in a House and detained women and children as human shields. However, the campaign members "handled the situation with professionalism and there were no side injuries."

Al-Wafi is accused of being associated with al-Qaeda and being involved in assassinations and bombings that targeted members of the army and security in Taiz over the past three years, and was among elements of the squares under the control of the Abu Abbas brigades in the neighbourhoods of the Old City, before he disagreed with him recently and left to his village in the Taiz countryside located on a petition with the Houthi control areas.


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