Government forces advance west of Qa’tabah and liberate "Al-‘allah " Camp and battles on the outskirts of "Fakhir "

Government forces advance west of Qa’tabah  and liberate "Al-‘allah " Camp  and battles on the outskirts of  "Fakhir "

Government forces on Wednesday morning launched sporadic attacks on several sites of the Houthi rebel militia in the southern Yemeni province of al-Dale and made progress on the ground by controlling positions under the control of the Houthis.

Field sources said that the forces loyal to the government and the coalition in its various formations launched attacks on several sites of the Houthis north and west of the district of Qa’tabah  , where they managed to open and secure the line of Murais- Qa’tabah  after months of being besieged by the Houthi militias.

According to the sources, the areas of "Qardah", "Hamra " and the mountains of "Wa’el" and the surrounding area overlooking the town of Hamra north of Qa’tabah , witnessed fierce battles in which heavy and medium weapons were used.

The sources confirmed the liberation of several sites west of the area, including the "Ma’zoob Amer " and  "Qardah " and large portions of the "Hamar " and the mountains  "Wa’el " and the " Al-‘allah " Camp  The headquarters of the special Forces of Ibb axis.

In Hajar front, government forces have been able to liberate Battar and conduct fierce battles aimed at liberating the Baja and Salim areas, which were dominated by the Houthi militia yesterday.

The sources said dozens were killed and wounded in the ranks of the Houthi militia and others in government forces.

A statement issued by the security Belt forces involved the liberation of Al-‘allah camp and after the wrap-up and progress of the joint forces, confirming the liberation of the strategic Mount  "Wa’el" and control over it to take place after the liberation of the areas of "Qardah-Hamr Al-Sadah".

Large-scale sweeping operations are still taking place in a number of sites and towns that were liberated on Wednesday.

According to military sources, government forces are moving towards the city of al-Fakher, where the Houthi militia retreated to the city it controlled weeks ago.

The progress of the field came after the government troops last Friday, where they launched massive attacks on the positions of the Houthi militia north and west of the city of Qa’tabah and managed to liberate the city from the grip of the Houthis.


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