Trump informs Congress of deploying US forces in Yemen to fight al-Qaeda and ISIS

Trump informs Congress of deploying US forces in Yemen to fight al-Qaeda and ISIS

US President Donald Trump has told Congress to deploy a limited number of US military personnel in Yemen to "fight al-Qaeda and ISIS."

"The United States continues to work with the Government of the Republic of Yemen and the regional partner forces to eliminate the terrorist threat posed by these groups," Trump said in a letter from the US president to the congressional leaders of the two houses, the "Deputies and senators", according to the German news agency.

"Since the last periodic update report, U.S. forces have carried out a number of airstrikes on al-Qaeda operatives in the Arabian Peninsula and its installations, and supported operations led by the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Yemen to cleanse the Shabwah governorate from al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula," Trump said.

"The US armed forces are also ready to carry out airstrikes against ISIS's targets in Yemen," Trump said.

Washington is continuously launching air strikes by unmanned aerial planes on fixed and mobile targets for militants in al-Baydha and other areas of eastern and southern Yemen.

The US administration has reduced air strikes in Yemen, during the last period of former President Barack Obama's reign, before it came back further with the beginning of the rule of current President Donald Trump.

Trump opened his mandate with an airlift of American soldiers in the area of "al-Qaeda " in “Yakla” in al-Baydha centre of Yemen, who clashed with suspected al-Qaeda gunmen, and civilians, including children, were killed without the American soldiers being able to arrest dangerous leaders at al-Qaeda, and the decision was taken to implement the process with the aim to arresting them.

According to a report published by the Associated Press, the Trump administration launched during two years of the reign of 2017 and 2018, 176 air raids by drone planes on civilian and military targets in Yemen killed 300 Yemenis, most of them civilians.


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