Jabbari accused the coalition of obstructing the return of the president and stopping the liberation process

Jabbari  accused the coalition of obstructing the return of the president and stopping the liberation process

Abdul Aziz Jabbari, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives said that the Arab coalition is impeding the return of legality and the President of the Republic to the liberated areas in southern Yemen,

In an interview on the Suhail satellite channel, Jabbari added that state officials and the leadership of legitimacy are feeling the pain and anguish of the status quo, referring to the Presidency and the government letters to the Arab coalition regarding the status quo and the obstacles impeding the return of legality to Yemen.

Jabbari said that after the medical tests in the United States, President Hadi would return to Yemen, but"if the president cannot and there are any obstacles, I think that the national and moral duty is to speak frankly, and to declare a stance by the President and State institutions, this is a natural thing, history have no mercy. "

"There is no excuse for us and no excuse for our brothers in the coalition, about these issue? How will we face the Iranian project in the country? Didn't these forces come from the brothers in the Arab alliance to help the Yemeni people and help the return of legitimacy to Yemen ? Who is hindering legitimacy and the return of its institutions, which logic is this?? why they came to Yemen and for what?  ".

Jabbari asked about the war and its length, "and who stood in front of the return of legality and there is the same as the fact that we have 80% of Yemeni territory under the authority of legality? ".

As for the House of Representatives, Jabbari said he hopes the House of Representatives will resume its hearings in the coming days, "but if the House of Representatives is not allowed to meet and the President of the Republic couldn’t returned, we shall have the duty as deputies and representatives of the people to take stance in this regard." 

He stressed that the House of Representatives will hold sessions, not a session in the coming days unless the brothers in the Arab alliance do not react, noting the visit "was supposed to be carried out by the Presidency of the House of Representatives to the United Arab Emirates" in order to understand some issues, and We may go to Yemen, and I think that there is no excuse for the House of Representatives to take permission before going to any province, this is our country we do not need permits from anyone. "

"Until now, the House of Representatives has not been prevented from returning to Yemen, and we are now looking for the return of the Council, it is not conditioned to be held in Aden or in any of Al-Mahrah, Marib, or in al-Jawf," Jabbari said.

Jabbari stressed the need to rectify the status quo in the alliance's relationship with the legitimacy.

He said that the coalition and the legitimacy are exchanging accusations, "we are in legality we say that all the components  and imbalance in the hands of the coalition and the coalition says that he does not do this role and we were supposed to evaluate and know where are the defects, if it is in the  legitimacy or some leaders let these leaders go and bring others, Yemen is much bigger than leaders or  names. "

On the resignation of Khalid Al-Yamani, Jabbari said, "It is not normal that this government remains in this form in general" again demanding the formation of a small government of national unity, and said that the parties proposed to the President and he referred the matter to his deputy to discuss the matter with the political parties.

Jabbari, the Chancellor of the Republic, who has resigned as deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Civil Service, stressed that the current government does nothing and that the formation of a fully empowered government, implementing the Political Forces Alliance's operational Programme is the solution at this stage.

Jabbari strongly criticized the media campaigns directed against Yemenis from some analysts and writers in Gulf, and said that those insults and accusations made to the Yemeni people, under the guidance of some officials and leaders in the Gulf states, and not issued in person by those officials.

Jabbari pointed out that the Arab coalition is fully in control of the military scene, and that the coalition stopped progress in the front of Nehm and Sanaa, and said we have an army of hundreds of thousands, if supported by the simplest military means, the battle would have been resolved.

Jabarin called on the Coalition to review his positions in Yemen, noting that the Yemeni people are sacrificing in defence of the region and are offering thousands of martyrs, wounded and handicapped, in order to protect the region from the Iranian project, adding that "they did not intervene for Yemen but to protect themselves from this Iranian project."


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