Marib Security seized a new shipment of hashish that was on its way to Houthis

Marib Security seized a new shipment of hashish that was on its way to Houthis

The Director general of the police in Marib province, Brig. Gen. Abdulmalik al-Madani, said that the security services seized a new shipment of narcotic hashish estimated at 99 klios, while trying to smuggle it to the al-Houthi militia in Sana'a; hidden professionally in a four wheel drive vehicle.

Al-Madani said that the members of Al-Falj Point south of Marib city on the road linking Marib and the Houthi control areas managed to seize the amount of hashish with two brothers who were driving the car;

He referred to the completion of legal procedures concerning the referral of the accused with seizures to the judiciary, praising the security measures enjoyed by the individuals present at the security points at the entrances and exits of the governorate, and their continuing successes in controlling contraband and achieving security, stability and tranquility. .

The al-Falj point, the special security forces led by Brigadier Abdul Ghani Shaalan, and the point in the past months have been the scene of confrontations between armed groups tried to cross, and the personnel of the point, which resulted in the deaths and injuries of both sides.

From time to time, the security services have announced the seizure of drugs, arms shipments, drones and smuggled antiques, accusing the Houthi militias of being behind their smuggling operations through desert roads between the eastern regions of Yemen, Oman and the Empty Quarter desert.


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