Hundreds of recruits join Saudi-backed military forces in Abyan

Hundreds of recruits join Saudi-backed military forces in Abyan

A local source told Al-Masdar Online that thousands of newly recruited local recruits have joined military forces established in the “LAwdar” district in northeastern Abyan province, supported by Saudi Arabia, which has been leading a military coalition against the Houthis since 2015.

The source said that thousands of young people between the ages of the second and third decades came from the directorates of Abyan to the area of "Al-Minyasa" east Lawdar Directorate to join a military brigade led by a Salafist commander supported by Saudi Arabia.

The source said that Brig. Gen. Saleh al-Shajari, a Salafist leader close to President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, and Saudi Arabia have received support for the establishment of military forces to drive the Houthis out of “Tharrah” highest mountainous obstacle and Mukairas district, which has been under Houthi control since they took control of it in 2015.

Recruits told Al-MAsdar Online that they received promises to give them  military numbers and pay salary in Saudi currency, noting that many applicants were rejected on the grounds that they had military numbers and joined other forces.

The local source told "Al-Masdar Online" that the potential number of recruits is about 5,000 and the number of recruits is likely exceeded 3,000 so far.


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